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Bayonetta Wiki

If you are searching for information on the Bayonetta Wiki, you are in the right place. The Bayonetta Wiki is a fan site dedicated to the Bayonetta video game. It is a repository of information on the mysterious and popular game, Bayonetta. People can find many resources here including game walkthroughs, screenshots, beta resources, and links to discussion forums and message boards.

Bayonetta is an action-packed game with many fans. The game is first released for Nintendo Wii in 2010 and is currently available for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Windows PC. The game is a hack 'n' slash hybrid platformer that follows the story of the young witch, Bayonetta. The game has received great reviews from critics and players. The game involves magical girl powers, crazy spells, and the dark secret of the Aegyptian gods.

Bayonetta stands 5 feet tall and is about slim and in her early twenties. She has long black hair pulled back behind her head, a slim body built for speed, and pale skin. Her clothes are designed to be sexy but also professional and include a red top and thigh high stockings. She carries a large wand in her right hand and wears bright red gloves. Her shoes are black and she has white toe sneakers.

Bayonetta starts out at the bottom of society, in a little town called Spinner Cay. She lives with her mother, father, and older sisters where her life is lived in a constant conflict between her sad past and the evil desires of her cruel stepmother. One day her younger sisters come home from school and find out that their old friend, a witch named Delilah has been taken away by the forces of darkness. They immediately take refuge at her cave where she unleashes her dark magic against them. The three girls manage to escape from her but are pursued by Delilah and her army of cheerfully obedient robots.

In the game's second chapter, Bayonetta finds herself thrown through a window after landing on top of a group of people being attacked by a rampaging, evil half-man half-apee. Before long, she manages to fend off her enemies and kill some of them, including a vicious, rampaging snake. However, one of her left eyes is shot out by one of the dogs who attacks her. She races down the path of the dogs and arrives just in time to save the dog that was hit. The dog transforms into an iron-clad fighter and fights her way to her cabin to get at her enemies' brains.

The story then switches to Bayonetta herself, who is now an adult and seeking revenge on the people who abused her during her childhood. She quickly puts an end to their attacks by unleashing her magical powers and turning the entire city (including the top leadership) into mindless robots. The remaining robots are easily defeated and she ends up taking over the entire city with her newfound abilities. Bayonetta, now called Baroness Gaga, eventually becomes the most powerful witch in the world thanks to her mastery over the noatun energy and her uncanny ability to predict the future.

One of the endings in the game shows Bayonetta riding anoatun with her magical powers and killing a member of the Order of the Golden Lotus just as she did in the first game. The game ends with her traveling back in time and seeing her younger self with an aesir named Luka. In the endings this time, Bayonetta kills the evil witch and turns herself into a luka doll in order to help Luka escape from a mental institution. During the opening cut scene, however, it can be seen that Bayonetta breaks free of her prison by teleporting herself and Luka into the past where they are attacked by an army of vampires.

Other characters include the game's two main playable characters, Bayonetta herself, as well as her younger sister, Razor. Each has special moves and uses weapons as well as magic spells that can cause some harm or effect upon opponents. In the game itself, there are a few hidden items and endings that can be obtained once all the enemies are killed or you complete a challenge. These items include an amethyst necklace that provides a point total when picked up, an amethyst coin that doubles as a weapon and an eye patch that prevents you from being seen by enemies while wearing it. There are also several secrets to discover throughout the game and these items can be collected as well. The game is an action-packed witch fighting game that can be enjoyed by everyone from casual gamers to those that have already mastered playing games on the PlayStation Portable.

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