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Bedroom Drawers have long been a Mainstay Feature in many Bedrooms

Bedroom drawers have long been a mainstay feature in many bedrooms. They have served us well for over one hundred years and will still be doing so. Bedroom drawers serve a number of purposes, but one of the most important is to store clothes that tend to get lost during the daily life of a household. Here are some ways in which bedroom drawers can help you organize your closet space.

The traditional dresser is a closet designed to keep folded clothes neat and to avoid creasing. Over time, this type of dresser has accumulated many creases and wrinkles that make it less than user friendly. Fortunately, modern chest storage has been developed to take this into account and provides a more streamlined look for your bedroom. A bedroom dresser may include one, two, or even three drawers. All of these types of chests are fairly common, though if you are looking for a very specific antique style, be sure to measure the space you have available before making a purchase.

NORDLI white, Chest of 5 drawers, 5×5 cm – IKEA – bedroom drawers | bedroom drawers

When shopping for bedroom dressers, consider purchasing one that includes a mirror on its front. This is not only a fashion statement, but it will also serve a practical purpose. If your bedroom vanity is large enough to accommodate a full length mirror, you may find that it is difficult to access items stored in the drawers. Having mirrors on the bedroom drawers that you use to store your linens will allow you to see what you are wearing and to choose a more flattering dress for the day.

The most popular type of dressers is the corner chest. This design is preferred by many because it does not take up much space. Because it does not have drawers, you will be able to utilize a large portion of the floor area of the closet. Corner chest dressers vary in style and size, so be sure to determine which style will work best with your bedroom layout.

MALM Chest of 5 drawers – white 150×5 cm – bedroom drawers | bedroom drawers

When shopping for bedroom dressers that incorporate safety stops, you are providing a more functional storage space. Safety stops help protect furniture in dressers as well as any other items you place in the drawers. Since safety stops can also be incorporated into the traditional look, this option can provide a wonderful alternative to a traditional look without sacrificing safety.

Toulouse White Painted Large 5 Over 5 Chest of Drawers – NOVEMBER MEGA DEAL – bedroom drawers | bedroom drawers

A storage tower unit offers both style and function. It is a great addition to a bedroom dresser, chest of drawers, or even a chest of drawers that already has hardware installed. With a storage tower unit, you will receive additional drawer space that can be used for organization, fashion, and storage. Many of these units include plastic feet on each side of the drawer sides. This helps prevent scratches on furniture while still providing a firm support to the drawer itself.

Como 5 Drawer Chest – Chest Drawers in B5 Redditch für £ 5,5 – bedroom drawers | bedroom drawers

A bedroom organizer, such as a drawer dresser or a cabinet, is an excellent way to make a bedroom appear larger. Since it is part of the bedroom furniture, it provides additional storage and organization options. One of the best features of this type of storage is the fact that they usually come with matching handles, making it easy to match the bedroom organizer to the rest of the bedroom.

Karlstad Chest of Drawers 5 Drawer in Classic White – bedroom drawers | bedroom drawers

Adding a storage chest of drawers to a bedroom closet is ideal for any size of female bedroom. Whether you choose to buy a pre-assembled storage chest or make your own, you will have extra room for clothing as well as extra drawer space to create the perfect dresser or wardrobe. Since the chest of drawers sits above the floor, dressers placed in this location will typically stay up off the floor. This can help prevent damage to wood and flooring caused by shoes and clothes.