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DIY Bathroom Remodel

When it comes time for a DIY bathroom remodel, there are many things to consider. You will need to choose a contractor that is qualified, skilled and licensed, along with any plumbing or electrical systems that will be required. Not only are these items vital to finishing a quality remodel, they also tend to be quite expensive. According to Angie's List, the typical price of a DIY bathroom remodel is from $10,500 to more than a half a million, with labor charges taking up about a third of the budget. By going the do it yourself remodeling route, you may hope to save up to a thousand dollars.

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In order for a diy bathroom remodel to be successful, there are a number of primary factors that must be addressed. First and foremost, a complete overhaul of the subfloor and walls will be necessary. This involves removing old framing and installing new tiling, shower pan, flooring and even plumbing. While the task sounds daunting, doing this on your own can actually save thousands of dollars.

A common mistake made by homeowners when tackling a do it yourself remodel bathroom project is focusing too much on the subfloor. Often, this results in a messy, stained floor. The best approach to a diy project is to take on just the necessary tasks. This will keep the job moving at a steady pace while avoiding costly mistakes due to poor workmanship. It may even seem like more work initially, but a good diy bathroom remodel should pay off in the end.

Before starting any do it yourself project, you should have a solid idea of what you need in your new bathroom. Your plan should include measurements, types of plumbing involved, whether you will require new or used bathroom cabinets and sinks, as well as lighting and vanity lights. Once you have a basic idea of your project, then you will have an easier time choosing plumbing and drywall supplies as well as hiring a plumber or drywall company. A quality do it yourself bathroom remodel guide will not only provide you with a list of supplies you will need, but also give you helpful advice on how to work around existing plumbing and drywall to create the look you desire.

After you have your basic design for the do it yourself bathroom remodel, then you are ready to move forward in the remodel. One of the first items you will need to tackle is a fresh supply of materials. While this sounds like an easy task, finding the right material can sometimes be more difficult than you initially thought. One of the easiest ways to find the right building materials for your do it yourself project is to head to your local home improvement store. Most stores carry a large selection of plumbing and drywall supplies that may be needed for your project.

One of the more popular do it yourself bathroom remodeling projects is installing a new shower or tub. A walk in shower provides homeowners with a quick and easy way to update the look of their bathroom. If you are looking into installing a new tub or shower, then you will first need to decide whether you would like to replace your current tub or if you are planning on remodeling the shower itself. You may also need to add new hardware to complete the remodel. Whether you choose to install a new tub or shower, you will first need to have the necessary plumbing supplies to complete the job.

Bathroom fixtures such as faucets, toilet, and sinks come in all shapes and sizes, so it will be important that you know what style of fixtures will best compliment the overall look you are striving for when you begin your DIY remodel. The plumbing and electrical supplies you need for a small bathroom remodel can be purchased at a local hardware store. Before you begin your project, it will be important that you carefully plan out the layout, as well as how each fixture will be installed. You will also need to have the proper measurements for your walls and windows before you begin your project.

One of the most common DIY bathroom remodels involves updating the faucet handles, bathtub, and sink. For instance, if you currently have a wall mounted bathtub without a top plate, then you will need to purchase a new one to replace the one you currently have. There are many different styles and finishes that are available for bathtub and faucet handles, so it will be necessary for you to decide which one will look best in your bathroom. In addition to replacing your faucets, you may also want to consider purchasing a new toilet or switch plate to complete the remodel. Changing your toilet or switch plates will make your bathroom much easier to clean, so make sure that you keep these in mind when you begin your project.

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