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Double Shower in your Bathroom is more than just a Luxury

A double shower in your bathroom is more than just a luxury; it is a necessity. The added space for two individuals to take a relaxing shower together makes a double shower an integral part of any wet room design. In addition to the convenience and comfort of two separate showers, installing a double shower into your bathroom can also add aesthetic value to your home. Here are some important considerations to keep in mind when designing a wet room.

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First, decide whether you prefer a one-person or double shower. Many homes come with only one shower, often with a small attached tub. If you plan on installing a double shower, make sure that it is located near the bathtub. In order to create the illusion of a larger bathroom, place the second shower in the corner of a room. This will maximize floor space in your bathroom and provide a relaxing environment in which to unwind after a long day at work or school.

When deciding upon the style of your shower, opt for one with a sliding door rather than a conventional curtain door. This type of door offers the best privacy and allows you to see out into the bathroom while still maintaining easy access to the shower area. Some double showers feature two individual shower heads rather than just one. These are typically used for slightly older children or people with arthritis. When selecting a shower head with two individual jets, be sure to select a head that provides enough pressure to clean your hair. The two jet option is ideal for those who suffer from eczema as it helps to relieve itching and irritation.

The next important feature in double shower must-haves are safety features. No matter how careful you may be, accidents can occur. Installing glass shower doors that require no safety locks is especially important if your shower will be shared by more than one person. A sliding door ensures no one can open the door without the proper pass code. Even a simple security lock can help prevent unauthorized access since a homeowner can program the lock to automatically lock whenever someone enters the shower area.

Additionally, installing a thermostatic valve in the shower shaft is ideal if you want to be able to set the temperature of your shower to your desired level. Using a thermostatic valve makes it possible to regulate the heat so that people do not overheat. Because of this, homeowners with air conditioning might find that double shower doors help to lower the utility bill since the shower does not operate too enthusiastically, resulting in less time spent in the shower.

Of course, a walk-in double shower heads is also a must-have feature. Since a walk-in shower lets you bathe in both a wet and dry setting, it eliminates the need for a fancy shower enclosure. Additionally, walk-in shower must-haves are easier to install than shower curtains. The frame is simply attached to the shower floor tile, and an adjustable shower rod can be placed at the top or bottom of the glass door. If a hot tub is desired, then a separate shower rod should be purchased.

Other features found in many walk-in double shower must-haves include built-in cup holders, body sprays, and seat and neck massagers. The built-in cup holder allows a mug to be held without having to drink from a cup; this keeps hands sanitary. Body sprays keep hair from splattering on the floor as well as from dripping onto body parts. A seat and neck massager can be used on a regular basis if preferred, or on occasion as well. These extra touches allow walk-in showers to be designed around personal preferences, rather than having to conform to standard bathroom sizes.

Ultimately, it all depends on how much money one is willing to spend, and what features will best suit their personal needs. Custom built walk-in baths can take up to two months to construct, and the cost of these custom bathrooms can be anywhere from three thousand dollars to six thousand dollars. However, for homeowners who are looking to make their bathroom more sanitary and attractive, a custom built two shower head tub may be the right choice.

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