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Most Beautiful Nature Paintings

Nature is a visual feast for the eyes. In nature we can see the effects of climate change on trees and the animals that live in those forests. We can see the majesty of a thousand year old rain forest that has dried up completely. We can observe the beauty of a newborn baby dolphin in its underwater habitat. All of these creatures are breathtaking and when you add the beauty of a thousand year old painting by Monet, you have a work of art that is still beautiful today.

Some of the most beautiful nature paintings are most likely already owned by people because they are so meaningful to them. Some of these paintings were bought as works of art when they were still in the studio of the artist, but preserved by a family or by an avid fan who found the painting at a reasonable price or via the Internet. This is because of the artistic value and position in human history of paintings.

Many of the famous paintings by famous artists are very valuable. This is not only due to their monetary value but also because of their status in society and because people are driven to create beauty by nature. People have been trying to make art out of landscape paintings for hundreds of years. Landscape paintings have been used to portray emotions and to beautify the environment. The Romanticists are responsible for much of the modern use of landscape paintings, but before that, many painters used landscape paintings to depict specific events and to mark important milestones.

Before the twentieth century, landscape paintings were almost always of buildings or other structures that had been added onto the landscape. These pictures helped mark the progression of man by showing the transformation of ancient wilderness into new city. A famous example is the still-life by Boucher which he made while staying in the majestic mountains of Alsace in France during the first part of the Twentieth Century. The beauty of this painting is very remarkable and there is a small village nearby which Boucher chose to model his painting around. Other good landscape paintings include those by Jan Gossaert, Rudolf Pferde, and Hans Memling.

One of the most important lessons that we can learn from the past is that beauty can be found in simple things. Simple things such as nature paintings. Oil paintings by the masters can help us appreciate the simplicity of life by looking at their amazing color accuracy and wonderful design. The most beautiful landscape paintings are those that capture the essence of a specific region with its climate and scenery.

Some of the most beautiful oil paintings I have ever seen belong to the Popes. It was my great friend Paul Durand-Ruel who created several paintings from original Popes. One of these paintings belonged to Pope Boniface VIII who loved to travel during winter. The painting is called The Secret Adoration of the Magi and it is one of my favorite landscapes paintings. I love the simplicity of this painting and the detailed image of snow-covered mountains.

Many of the most beautiful nature paintings were produced by impressionists. Impressionism is one of the most popular forms of art painting from the mid-eteenth to the early twentieth century. There are still many fine art paintings that belong to this time period which you will be delighted to look at. Some of the most beautiful nature paintings that I have ever seen belong to the works of artists such as Paul Gauguin, Pablo Picasso, and Georges Braque.

One final note about beautiful landscape paintings and why they are important to us humans. We need to be reminded sometimes that we are actually just along for the ride as far as our visual imagination goes. Nature has given us all of the things we need to live and work and if we choose not to view these creations with that same positive outlook, we might be ruining our own chances for seeing the beauty that truly lurks in our land. Take the time to stop and take notice of all of the beautiful natural landscapes out there and enjoy them!

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