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Oil Healthy And Better Environment Images Drawing

With the increase in population, oil reserves are also increasing. As a result, the demand for oil is continuously growing. The supply is decreasing. To meet the increasing demands, oil needs to be used up. Hence, the following article presents some of its advantages and disadvantages and potential solutions and options for oil conservation towards cleaner and healthier environment.

Oil is used to lubricate most of the machines we use. Therefore, the demand for oil is constantly growing and it has been estimated that by the year 2021, there will be a huge need for oil and gas in the world. Since the day of discovery, oil has been improving worldwide and technologies are developing at a faster pace than can ever imagine.

Global Warming: Due to carbon emission, the demand for oil conservation is also on the increase. To avoid global warming, it is important to decrease the rate of carbon emission. But, the fact is that, until now, there is no viable alternative for decreasing carbon emission. Therefore, it is the responsibility of people to reduce their carbon emissions and this requires the usage of oil resources efficiently.

Transportation: Because of oil supplies, transportation has been developed as an essential component of human existence. Transportation does not only include commercial and military transportation but all modes of transport needs oil for its smooth operation. If the demand for oil continues increasing, most of the developed countries will be dependent on oil imports. If the supplies of oil are reduced, then transportation may totally stop. Therefore, it is necessary to explore for alternate fuel sources so as to minimize the effect of global warming.

Fuel Efficiency: It is a known fact that the development of new automobiles has increased the fuel efficiency. This has improved the situation considerably. In addition, new technologies have been introduced by the oil companies for improved and efficient automobiles. Therefore, there has been a drastic improvement in fuel efficiency. Hence, it is essential to conserve oil because it is one of the major factors responsible for poor air quality and poor climate change.

Better Environment: Since petroleum is a non-renewable resource, it is important to protect it from depletion. One of the best ways to do this is by conserving oil. Since it has a limited supply, it is important to find the alternate means through which we can use it in order to create a better environment and a healthy environment at the same time. In other words, oil conservation towards healthier and healthy environment should be taken seriously.

Health: Another important reason for oil conservation towards better and healthier environment is the protection of human life. The current lifestyle that we follow today is very unhealthy and leads to ailments such as diabetes, obesity, heart problems, etc. In order to create a better and healthy society and to save the mankind from future problems, it is important to conserve fuels and make use of alternate means.

Protection of the ozone layer: Today, global warming is one of the most prominent threats to the existence of our environment. Ozone layer is thinning day by day due to excessive production of gases by vehicles and factories. To prevent such situations from happening, we need to create more cars and reduce the number of vehicles. Hence, we need to conserve fuels and should take all steps towards better and healthy environment so that we can enjoy comfortable living. Hence, oil conservation towards a healthy and better living is very important and it will help us to achieve both goals simultaneously.

Energy security: There are a number of nations around the world who are facing severe energy shortages and these situations can lead to economical, political and health difficulties for their people in future. Oil conservation efforts can contribute in lessening energy requirements and it also helps to produce alternative sources of fuel. One of the ways to conserve oil is to reduce the use of petroleum products and increase the use of non-petroleum based products. This is very important to create energy security in the future.

Environment: Oil conservation is also important for protecting the environment. The earth is being polluted with harmful substances due to overuse and improper management of the petroleum. To protect the earth from further pollution, it is important to implement oil conservation efforts worldwide. The reduction in the level of petroleum consumption reduces the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and also leads to an improved global warming. Hence, it is important to adopt oil conservation towards healthy and better environment.

Alternative Energy: Another important aspect of oil conservation is its usage as an alternative source of energy. It has a wide range of benefits over the use of other energy source like the use of solar energy, geothermal power, wind power, bio fuel, etc. Hence, it is beneficial to adopt it for the energy needs of the society. By using alternative energy source, it can save a lot of money and resources in the long run.

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