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Modern Beach House Designs

Modern Beach House Designs. One of the most striking examples of modern beach house design is a tropical residence by Zubillaga Design, located on Key Biscayne, a barrier island across from Miami. The design was developed for a Swiss family who had recently moved to the area with their three young children. The home is characterized by an exterior made of white stucco, which features horizontal planks of red cedar. The interior is minimalist with plenty of glazing, which allows for a great view of the ocean.

One example of a modern beach house is the Bronte House, which was designed by Rolf Ockert and is located in Sydney, Australia. This home is topped with a glass facade and boasts a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean. In the past, this part of Sydney was extremely cramped and suffocated by neighboring houses, but the new design makes the most of its space.

Modern Beach House Designs

A contemporary beach house has a sleek and trendy look, but also combines classic and modern elements. The wood-finished credenza is clad in brass legs for a polished beach vibe. The layered decor makes the interior look more comfortable than a traditional coastal home, while sculptural elements add a mid-century vibe to the overall design. An elegant mirror and table lamp are essential accents. Sculptural accents on the exterior also enhance the contemporary feel of the home.

A modern beach house can be a family-friendly space that includes ample space for entertaining guests. The owner of this home was a Florida real estate developer who wanted a beach house that was relaxing and easy to live in. She hired an interior designer from the same firm and did a full renovation. The final result is a beautiful and modern beach house that's both cozy and inviting. The home will have plenty of natural light, a swimming pool, and a paved yard for gardening and other outdoor activities.

The Modern Beach House is a four-story house in Hollywood, California, and is the last remaining mid-century home in this neighborhood. The open floor plan and large decks are a great combination, and the home has been featured in several design magazines. It's two-minute walk to the beach, which makes it an ideal location for the family. When you're searching for a modern beach house, it's important to consider the unique features of the property.

The design of a modern beach house is easy to adapt to any home, geography, or lifestyle. The simple layout allows for easy customizing. Using the best materials, open spaces, and airy materials, the modern beach house has become a popular choice for vacationing families. The design is both functional and stylish and will complement any beachfront home. In addition to its beach-inspired look, a modern, spacious interior is the hallmark of coastal living.

Unlike traditional beach homes, a modern beach house is a modern beach house on a hillside or near the ocean. Its design is very simple and functional, and allows you to make the most of every minute. Its small windows and open floor plan make it an excellent place for relaxation and enjoyment. A modern beach house is also convenient for families who need to travel often. It's convenient for guests, which means that it's an ideal vacation destination for any family.

The modern beach house is the perfect solution to all these problems. A modern beach home is a great option if you'd like to build a beach house near the water. Its clean lines and windows are easy to maintain and don't impose on the overall aesthetics of the home. The interior of a modern style beach house is a mixture of glass, wood, and metal. The materials are designed to accentuate the indoor/outdoor feel.

The design of a modern beach house has several advantages. It is airy and has a modern coastal feel. The exterior of a modern beach house is made of white and gray tiles. Its interiors are spacious and feature beautiful views of the Gulf of Mexico. The decor is neutral and features a white and gray color scheme. In addition, it features quartz countertops, custom European cabinetry, and LED lighting. A pool is a great addition for this type of house.