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NFL Games Outside of the United States

NFL Games Outside of the United States. Despite the recent financial crisis, the NFL has continued to expand its business outside of its home country. In 2005, the NFL began hosting regular season games outside the United States. The first games were held in London, Canada, and Mexico City. In 2011, the NFL also started hosting games in Toronto and London. In the fall, the league moved to Los Angeles, where they are currently based. They will begin a series of preseason games in October.

Each spring, NFL executives begin to decide which games to play next season. They will announce the dates of the playoffs, starting in December. The first games will be played in December. The playoffs begin the following February, and will last for a minimum of two weeks. Some divisional round matches will take place on Sunday, while others will be played on Monday or Tuesday. In each conference, the top four seeds receive first-round byes, so the top teams will play each other at least twice.

NFL Games Outside of the United States

The playoffs begin on Saturday, Jan. 15, and are sure to include some exciting matchups. In addition to the Super Wild Card Weekend, the AFC playoffs kick off on Sunday, Jan. 15. Cincinnati and Las Vegas both hope to end their long postseason droughts and win a postseason game. Both teams finished the season with 10-win records and had contrasting storylines throughout the season. There are many reasons to watch these games, and you can find them on any network or on TV.

After a thrilling Week 5 game against the San Diego Chargers, the AFC divisional round pairings have been made. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will play the New England Patriots. Meanwhile, the Buffalo Bills will travel to Kansas City to face the Kansas City Chiefs. The Buffalo Bills have already knocked off the Chiefs earlier this season, but they'll be playing the worst unit in the league.

In addition to the regular season, the NFL also has preseason games. During the preseason, seven teams will compete for the championship. During the postseason, the NFC will play the AFC and vice versa. The Super Bowl will be played on the first Sunday in February. The game between the AFC and NFC champions will be decided in the Super Bowl. However, if the AFC wins, the Superbowl will be played on Sunday.

The wild card playoffs kick off this week. During this three-week period, teams that were not expected to make the postseason will be playing for their playoff spot. On the other hand, the Buffalo Bills will play the Philadelphia Eagles, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will host the Los Angeles Rams. Those three games will all be very exciting. There are plenty of other great games on TV this week.

The NFL's broadcast schedule is not always based on the season. The regular season runs for a full 16-week season. The first few weeks of the season are split into four weeks. The week begins with the preseason game and concludes with the postseason playoff game. Afterward, the regular-season ends with the Super Bowl, which takes place in December. The NFL does not play games on Sundays. Therefore, the season concludes on Sundays.

After an 18-week regular season, the NFL playoffs have begun. The Bengals won their playoff game against the Tennessee Titans on November 16. The Titans beat the Steelers in the previous round. During the two games on December 14, NBC Sports switched to a skycam-only presentation. In a bid to improve its coverage, the network switched the camera's primary camera to the sidelines. This allowed viewers to see both sides of the game.

In November, the Ravens game against the Pittsburgh Steelers was postponed three times. The first game was originally scheduled for Thanksgiving Sunday afternoon. The second game was then postponed to Tuesday and Wednesday nights. The Cowboys-Ravens game was also postponed a day later, but the game will still be shown on Thursday night football. The final two games are on November 30 and December 26.