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The McGee Kitchen by Shea McGee

The McGee Kitchen by Shea McGee. The Studio McGee kitchen is a popular choice for the modern, minimalist kitchen. It features wood accents like the cutting board and counter stools. The sleek, industrial style is complemented by natural accents like stone. The couple has been in business since 2014. They have over two million followers on Instagram. The company is also partnered with Threshold, a home furnishing company. Its products are available at Threshold and online.

The Threshold Stoneware Canister is another popular option by Studio McGee. The white ribbed-finish Stoneware Canister has a knob to open it. The lid keeps the contents fresh longer. The Threshold Stoneware Canister works well for pantry items, such as dried beans and tea. The Threshold line is another great choice by Studio McGee. Its unique designs are sure to make a statement in your home.

The McGee Kitchen by Shea McGee

The design of this Studio McGee kitchen is a practical yet stylish addition to your home. The spacious prep surface allows you to work efficiently without worrying about crowded countertops. The island has also evolved into an elegant piece of furniture, complete with open shelving and counter space. This allows you to store your utensils and other knick knacks, or display them. It's the perfect space for a creative chef to work and entertain.

A vintage piece is a must in every room. It adds character and a personal touch. Shea recommends choosing a piece that has a special place in your home. Fiddle-leaf figs, maidenhair ferns, and rubber trees are all wonderful examples of vintage pieces to include in your interior design. The bedroom lighting scheme is all about ambiance. For a more sophisticated, modern look, you should incorporate floor and table lamps and overhead fixtures.