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Blackberry Phone

Blackberry Phone. The BlackBerry is an affordable smartphone manufactured by the Canadian firm BlackBerry Limited (once known as Research in Motion). BlackBerry phones are regarded as enterprise-oriented devices, even though BlackBerry's attempts to join the personal user market have so far failed. The BlackBerry Playbook is another great BlackBerry smartphone, though. Despite its youth, the Playbook can be used as a tablet computer. Here are a few reasons why:

It has all the features you need for your day on the go. The Playbook is thin, fast, and loaded with plenty of useful apps that you will definitely find useful. It also has excellent battery life, meaning that you don't have to put it on charge while you're on the go. If you can afford it, you should seriously consider buying the BlackBerry Playbook. The Playbook is one of the best smartphones on the market, especially for people who travel a lot.

Blackberry phones have always been considered a little more “premium” than other smartphones, but it doesn't make them bad. On the contrary, blackberry phones come with features and software that allow them to outshine many of the leading smartphones on the market today.

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For example, the Playbook's biggest selling point is its durability, as it was designed to withstand falls. Of course, it also has super fast speed and a great touch screen. But it also comes with what's called the BlackBerry Protect Plan, which gives you free unlimited BlackBerry insurance for one year.

With the BlackBerry Playbook, you get a touch screen, just like an iPad. It has a nice keyboard, although not as big as those found on the iPhone or Android smartphones. Some think that the Playbook's keys are too small. They're not as large as those found on smartphones, however. The Playbook's keys are also easy to press and you can type without feeling the strain of using a traditional QWERTY keyboard.

A big selling point for the BlackBerry Playbook is the fact that it is lighter and smaller than many smartphones. In many ways, this is a contradiction of its name. But it has a huge advantage over competitors, namely the iPhone and Android smartphones, which are large, bulky, and feature-rich. The Playbook feels and looks more like an actual notebook or tablet. It's not all leather and metal, however. Its aluminum body is actually made from all-metal construction, and the screen is covered with a clear, touch-sensitive membrane.

The BlackBerry Playbook runs on a powerful and efficient Windows operating system. You can download the BlackBerry Passport application from the BlackBerry website, which allows you to sign into your BlackBerry via your Windows laptop. BlackBerry Passport is basically like a mini operating system for your new phone. The first half of the application lets you do everything you'd do on your regular PC. You can browse the web, send emails, and search the BBS. From there, you can connect to the internet and access your email, calendar, contacts, BBM data, and so forth.

The second half of the app gives you the ability to run several different applications at once. You can open up Twitter or Facebook in one window, while taking notes on your calendar in another. The BlackBerry Playbook features a powerful dual core 1.4 GHz processor, with two gigabytes of RAM. There's also four gigabytes of flash memory and a microSD slot for additional storage space.

As you can see, the Playbook is designed to take over the role of physical keyboards previously occupied by smartphones. Its aluminum body and flexible keyboard create an excellent substitute for a home computer. If you use smartphones often, this device may be an excellent investment. Even if you rarely use it, you'll enjoy the convenience of having it with you.

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