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1930s Fashion was Perhaps the Decade of Glamour and Elegance

1930s fashion was perhaps the decade of glamour and elegance. The 1930s were the decade that kickstarted the baby boom. The 1930s can be said to be the decade that kickstarted the entire make-up world. It was during this decade that many women across the globe started wearing makeup for the very first time. The 1930s were also the decade that kicked off the trend of colored and patterned gowns, which were in vogue during the time period.

The “Singing” craze of the period was also kicked off during the decade. People wore vibrant, eye-catching and colorful silk and satin outfits, which were usually accompanied by feathered hats, feather boas and feathered caps. The trend during this time period saw people flaunting their wealth and affluence. Women would alternate between silk and satin and velvet depending on the occasion. 1930s fashion is synonymous to high-heeled, embellished and sumptuous clothing, which were still worn by women during the era.

Other than the glamorous outfits, women started sporting fashionable accessories that matched the outfit. For formal events, women started using necklaces, brooches and pins. They would also use laces and ribbons along with different types of beads and ornaments to make their outfit look stylish and unique. In fact, the use of accessories became so integral to the whole concept of 1930s fashion, that it led to the concept of jewelry itself, which was in fact the first step towards creating personalized fashions.

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One trend that was common during the time period was the use of gloves. These gloves or glove sets were either embellished or plain in color. Apart from being worn with formal outfits, these gloves were also worn during casual events. During this period, women started wearing black, brown, cream and white colored gloves. It was a vital aspect of women's outfits that they should be able to match their outfits with the glove that they wore.

Another essential item that was popular and often used in everyday clothes was the fur coat or the evening gowns. This trend was in fact a result of the rise in demand for evening dresses. After all, during the time period, no one wore formal dresses in the evening. As a result, during the 1930s fashion era, designers started experimenting with fabrics and styles, in order to come up with evening gowns and fur coats that could be worn in all types of occasions. These elegant attires made a huge impact when it came to women's dressing style.

Another great example of this trend is the high heeled shoes. For years, women chose to wear high heel shoes, as they provided an excellent look and a glamorous feel. But in the 1930s fashion era, many started choosing to wear different types of footwear. For instance, they started wearing sandals and ankle boots during the day, and then switch to high heeled shoes at night.

The 1930s fashion for swimsuits was revolutionary. Many women competing in swimming competitions wore short skirts and stylish tops. The reason behind this trend was to avoid getting too hot during the swimwear competition. Furthermore, these swimsuits offered women a wider variety of designs.

Apart from these stunning outfits, other items of clothing that were popular during this time period include jeans, which had undergone some radical changes. In the earlier period, jeans were considered to be the work wear of women. But with the help of innovative textile technology, modern jeans have evolved into sleek and stylish outfits. Besides, people also started wearing capes, which are basically long dresses with a short belt or headpiece. These capes helped people to easily match their outfit with their outer wear and it also provided comfort and a fashionable look to them.

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