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5th Anniversary Gift

5th Anniversary Gift. It's that time again – the time to celebrate one year at a time with your loved ones. But we are here to alter your mind. Check out below the 30 new 16th anniversary gifts for all which range from theme, style and price to tie it all together. Whether you wish to follow the traditional 16-year old birthday gift (of which wax is the classic), go for something contemporary (such as sterling silver holloware bracelet) or try something completely different, we have you covered.

Candles make beautiful gifts and there are some lovely candles available in the shops. This is a gift that is appropriate on either the 16th anniversary gift theme or for any other occasion. A scented candle can make a wonderful gift for your loved one who is a candle lover. You could buy her a candle with a fragrance she loves. She'll enjoy it immensely.

Another great gift idea for the 16th anniversary is a hip flask. Hip flasks make lovely gifts for any occasion but particularly on the 16th wedding anniversary or for any special day. The flask can be made from stainless steel, with a gold or silver plated twist. The gift of a hip flask is appropriate if your loved one likes to have fun with a bit of self-indulgent shopping. She will certainly enjoy this gift.

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Next up, what about a modern gift that has become very much in vogue over the last few years? The modern gift concept has evolved over the last few years to include an incredible variety of options. Flowers have always been a popular gift. However, flowers are no longer just about the colour of the petals. Some of the most stunning and contemporary floral gifts are actually the flowers themselves.

The wonderful news is that many florists now offer roses as the main flower for bouquets. This is a great way to incorporate some personalised touch into your gift ideas. For instance, you could have some really striking and unusual roses designed in the shape of a heart or some other meaningful item. This is a very romantic type of gift and it will have a long lasting impact on the recipient.

In addition to a great bouquet of flowers, your gift idea for the 16th anniversary gift recipient could also be a lovely cocktail shaker set. If you want to be more creative, you could use some stunning cocktail shakers which have a particular design in mind. For example, there are some antique looking cocktail shakers available which look beautiful in the crystal that they are made in.

Another good choice of anniversary gift idea for your partner would be to make them some candles. A diptyque candle can be a great idea and this can be used as a centre piece on your cocktail table. A wonderful fragrance can be added to a diptyque candle with the aid of an aroma diffuser. However, some people prefer a stronger scent so if you are trying to match a particular fragrance with a specific candle choose one that is subtle.

If you want some very unique and personalised 16th anniversary gifts then a sterling silver flask may be just what you need. You can find a lovely and striking flask on sale at almost any store that sells jewellery. However, when purchasing this type of flask as a gift it is important that you ensure that the silver is 18 carat gold plated. The stunning design of this type of flask would be a perfect centre piece in your partner's bathroom.

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