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Average Bathroom Remodel Cost

Average Bathroom Remodel Cost. Average bathroom remodels cost over a thousand dollars, and this number has been consistently rising. The average bathroom remodel cost per square foot in America in 2021 is $7,711. This price has been increasing steadily an estimated 20 percent annually since the beginning of 2021. But there may be a variance in the total cost of a bath remodeling depending on if you are doing it yourself, hiring a contractor, or doing a combination of both.

A brand new bathroom is relatively expensive when it comes to renovations. Bathroom renovations generally include new flooring and tile as well as new bathrooms cabinets, vanities, countertops, faucets, and fixtures. These are just the basics for a bathroom renovation.

There are many other renovations that must also be taken into consideration. For example, bathroom renovations that include plumbing and electrical upgrades are much more costly than simple bathroom remodeling. Additionally, many bathroom fixtures require ongoing maintenance to keep them functional.

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The average DIY person may not have access to all the necessary supplies and equipment to completely remodel a bathroom on their own. Some DIYers may consider adding a shower kit either as an add-on or a replacement for a shower that was destroyed in a flood or burst pipe. Other DIYers will choose to purchase and install a new toilet and tub or upgrade to a brand new hot tub and spa. These upgrades may not only increase the value of your home by adding to its resale value but also by adding significant comfort to your daily life.

While installing a new sink and faucet and installing new bathroom cabinets can drastically increase the average bathroom remodel cost, there are many other projects that can increase the remodel budget as well. Bathroom countertops can be changed out for sturdier, more contemporary materials including stainless steel, granite, marble, and limestone. Bathroom flooring can be updated with porcelain tile, natural stone, or wood veneer. These upgrades can dramatically increase the overall value of your home as well.

Changing your lighting fixtures or adding a skylight can add a significant cost money. As mentioned before, installing a new hot tub or spa can significantly increase the total remodeling costs. In addition to adding a spa, consider replacing the toilet and/or replacing the sink and faucets with higher-end units that require less frequent maintenance and have fewer parts to replace.

These upgrades can not only add significant value to the home but also can add significantly to the average cost of the project. The more expensive appliances may not even be necessary if you're planning on getting the job done yourself, which will reduce the overall expense.

Other projects that can not only add value to the home but also increase the total remodeling costs include replacing cracked walls, repairing plumbing issues, painting, and flooring. In general, anything that's non-removable and non-cement is considered removable and non-refundable.

This includes replacing any windows in the home as well as installing a new master bathroom remodel in the master bathroom. Replacing your walls is not only a better option for replacing dated walls, but it also can be much more cost effective than purchasing a brand new shower.

Electrical and plumbing issues can cause large amounts of wasted money and aggravate a bathroom owner's frustration level. Although it can be difficult to imagine the amount of time it takes to run new faucets and electrical outlets through the old, worn out pipes, consider what the potential costs would be if the home were without these necessities. Replacing the walls in older homes can often be more cost effective than purchasing a new shower or bathtub, which can be one hundred percent more expensive when purchased from a specialty store.

Glass shower doors are becoming the most popular bathroom addition for new homeowners. While many people consider the installation of glass shower doors a luxury, they may not know that it can actually be quite an economical choice. Most bathrooms have two walls of glass installed on either side of the in-floor heat system. With the proper sliding door track, you can have two glass panels installed per bathroom, translating to a nearly double in-floor heat savings.

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