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Bohemian Style Living Room

Bohemian Style Living Room. Bohemian or Boho design is a new rule-breaking exotic and personalized style of interior decorating where furniture are set outside the home in unconventional manners. These are more Contrasted with a very bold and colorful pattern which makes the entire room appear so cheerfully fresh and colorful.

Then add a little spice with some brightly colored vintage candles, a large wooden fire and a tiny bean bag for extra zing. I love how they can make a room feel light and airy with just a few decorative touches. Here are some bohemian living room design ideas.

This bohemian style living room decor consists of a very unique color palette, lots of natural elements like bamboo, rattan and grasses, earth tones, lots of wood and earth tones. The walls are painted a neutral color and have an earthy tone in them, mostly in browns, burnt yellows and earthy reds.

Living Room With The Perfect Scandinavian Boho Design – Zoco Home – bohemian style living room

The furnishings and accent pieces are quite simple, with lots of asymmetrical shapes and asymmetrical lines. For example a coffee table made of terracotta or ceramic that has an open center area of a square design which is cut in half with four sides being equal and opposite in size. It then has two curved edges going straight into each other and the flat edge on the other side of the table is rounded in shape.

Another design in this bohemian style living room decor is the use of what is called as woven wicker. It may be made of rattan, grass or bamboo and it usually looks quite natural. You will find that it adds an exotic look to the interior and gives it a rustic and homey look.

These types of wicker furniture are found all over the world, from Central America to South America. One of the reasons why it has become so popular is because of the affordability of the items, even though it is made of different organic materials.

You can add in a few bohemian decor touches by painting your walls in different bold colors. Colors like orange and red would really look nice against a cream wall and the same patterned wallpaper on the other walls would also look nice. You should also remember to keep the window coverings simple, either in a basic color or in patterns.

You should also remember to keep the floor covering in plain tones, with earth tones and beige for the most part. You can find many different patterns of wall art from animal prints and stripes to floral ones. To add in more of an authentic bohemian feel, you can also find decorative pillows and throws in patterns like stripes, zebra and leopard print.

Since most of the rooms in the home are used for relaxing, it's a good idea to decorate the walls and floors accordingly. You can place some funky pieces on your coffee tables, such as old bottles of vintage perfume, or funny bird figurines. For more bohemian style accents, you can hang plants on the walls, or you can pick out some floating plants in pots and water that match the colors of the walls.

Since many of the pieces are made of organic material, such as wood, wrought iron and wicker, the pieces will have a slightly eclectic look. One thing you should consider though, is that if you choose pieces with bold bright colors and bold textures like a modern coffee table or an old table with roosters, it doesn't mean it has to be loud in tone.

In fact, you can even use muted tones for these pieces. You can find some beautiful neutral colored tables that will blend in perfectly with whatever color scheme you already have going on. One thing about bohemian style that is important to remember is to use accessories and accents that are as offbeat as possible. Instead of using bright yellow cushions, go with something more subtle like some black beads or some purple cordless earrings.

The art in this style of living is more on the decorative side than on the design side. Many of the furniture pieces are made from a mixture of different materials like wood and metal, and there are some very unique, whimsical designs that combine Asian and European elements.

The fabrics that are used can be anything from gingham to Native American blankets, and bright colors like pinks and oranges are often used. In many cases, you can find bohemian decor that is so out of the ordinary that you won't know what is real and what is just trendy.

Bohemian style is definitely not for everyone, but if you love the idea of living a “crazed” life with quirky decor then this is definitely for you. One of the things you'll probably notice right away is the interesting textures and shapes that each piece of furniture has. Rustic woods are frequently used in their construction, and there are large and ornate tablecloths and napkins that look as if they have been carved from sticks.

You can find many interesting knick knacks that match the natural textures of the woods. Some pieces of furniture are so weird that you might mistake them for an antique. As long as you keep in mind that this style is all about the textures and shapes rather than the designs, you will have a great place to live in your own bohemian haven.

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