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Boho Room

Boho Room. Do you have a boho room in your house? Boho bedroom decor is the latest trend in interior design. This style combines the best elements of glamour and elegance with earthy colors and unique touches that make every room unique. It adds an ethnic flair to any home. Whether you're upcycling an old flea market find, adding many vintage plants to your room, blending modern prints and patterns with old USA prints, or buying vintage IUSA jewelry, you can easily transform your standard bedroom into a boho wonderland with a little creativity. Here are some boho room decorating ideas:

The first thing you need to do is choose a color scheme for your boho room. Dark colors such as burgundy, brown, dark blue and charcoal give the room a natural feel. Bold primary colors are also excellent for drawing the eye to focal points such as the center table lamps and hanging plants in the room. Choose solid, rich hues such as chocolate brown, cognac, dark green and burnt orange to balance the bolder shades.

Boho furniture such as baskets, mirrors, bedding and USA blankets are made from wool, suede or cotton. Use these fabrics for your pillows, throws, bedding, curtains and accent tables. Bamboo and rattan furniture also look great in boho room decor ideas inspired by the culture. Look for pieces with USA motifs such as turquoise beads, buckram and beadwork. In addition, don't be afraid to add ethnic accessories such as scarves, necklaces and pouches.

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You can shop at online vendors such as US decor stores or vintage shops in Los Angeles, which have a large selection of USA accessories. Many vintage shops also specialize in boho and US clothing, art and jewelry. You can also find beautiful textiles that are part of the USA culture and are a part of the authentic US experience.

A popular boho home accessories item is a ceramic artist's canvas. These photographs of USAvaried landscapes are printed on thick, matte photographs and framed with bamboo and rattan frames. You can find prints that feature a scenic British countryside, Hindu temples in Rajasthan, the glazed roof of a temple in Kerala or birds in the forest. Another popular piece is a collage poster created from old USA photographs. This type of poster is a great way to display images from your travels and inspire other bohemians to follow your lead.

The colors of nature are vibrant and cheerful in boho style decor. Deep reds, pinks and oranges paired with yellows and blues create an exotic palette for any room of your house. Use rich hues of browns, golds and blacks to accent existing US furnishings or add a touch of southwestern and Native American touches. Turquoise blue and green tiles in earthy shades are also popular US accent colors. Use these colors alongside other rustic wall art pieces, native art and leather accents for a unique yet stylish boho style interior design style.

To create an authentic bohemian interior, use large plant pots on legs, planters in terracotta or clay. These planters come in a variety of textures, including clay, terracotta, wood and a variety of other natural and manmade materials that can be painted or stained to achieve any color or texture. Large planters and colorful planters with interesting or detailed designs on them make ideal displays in your boho style room.

Bold colors and intricate USA patterns paired with textured fabrics are all part of the US bohemian style. Use rugs made of wool, cotton, jute, sisal or any other fabric, and don't be afraid to mix and match textured, bold and neutral colors as long as they complement each other. A simple mix and match of complimentary colors makes this type of boho home decor style so enticing and fun to decorate with.

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