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Frosted Business Cards

Frosted Business Cards. Clear, frosted business cards are among the most requested request from customers, and for good reason: they add a professional tone, show you're serious about your company, and allow you to easily outline your services or products. While some companies opt to highlight their brand, logo or symbol simply by adding dramatic, clear visual elements, fully frosted business cards are often the most desired option because they easily convey a professional image.

The ability to make a professional impression is so important in today's competitive business world that many businesses fail to realize how important having a professional card can be until it's too late. Having a professional card that clearly communicates your professionalism pays off, and the frosted effect creates an impression that lasts forever.

One of the most common characteristics of frosted business cards is the use of artwork. Unlike regular cards that use only a white background with black or grey borders, frosted business cards feature a variety of different types of artwork. Whether you opt for elegant, delicate lines like those found on flowery cards or vibrant, lively artwork like that found on business card design stationery, the addition of artwork makes all the difference in the world. It adds that little bit of extra flare that many customers appreciate.

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Another popular feature of frosted plastic cards is the use of color. Most business cards find themselves crammed full of text, images, quotes and other business-related information, so why add more color? frosted business cards achieve this through the use of varying shades of colors that can either complement or contrast with the other information on the card. A cool, lemon yellow might be used for your logo and background, while a warm, honey color may contrast perfectly against the text.

The final, and probably most important feature of frosted plastic business cards is the fact that they are not printed with ink. In most cases, this means that the artwork is printed on an image carrier that is translucent or partially translucent. When it comes to high-quality artwork, the results are absolutely stunning! These images can range from simple, elegant masterpieces done in gold to detailed, complex paintings done in silver and black.

The reason that frosted business cards often don't use ink or paper is because the image is printed directly onto a clear, semi-translucent material called CMYK. If you've ever seen a printer's page, then you know that each color has its own unique chip. A very thin line of color is printed across the top of the chip. This is what creates that beautiful ethereal effect that most printed cards have.

The unique chip patterns created by the ink or dry media on frosted business cards create that stunning, frosted look that we see on many of the most memorable artwork pieces. The way the chip patterns are formed gives the impression of small, rounded corners when viewed from an angle. As you look at the back of the card, you'll notice that the corners are actually squared. They're not rounded, but as if they were, almost. This creates that circular appearance that we all associate with the smooth, reflective quality of a truly elegant design.

As you think about how to design your frosted business cards, you need to keep these considerations in mind. First, you want to make sure that the artwork on the back is the right size. You need to make sure that the card will lay flat and that it will have proper spacing between the edges so that people can write without having any gaps between their letters.

Another thing that you should pay attention to is where you're using the lettering on your frosted business cards and whether or not you want to include a border. Many companies have moved away from this type of design for many reasons, but if you're going with a more traditional look, you should make sure that the lettering still looks great when you add a border. A border can really pull the design together and make it that much better. Remember, if you're looking to create that sophisticated, reflective look, you should try to stay away from clear elements.

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