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Honda Mini Bike

Honda Mini Bike. The first Honda mini bike I purchased was a twenty-three year old, cheap imported sports bike from Japan. I got it for the price of an early seventies model Triton from a used car dealer in Los Gatos. Although I was fifteen years old at the time and a little less than serious about motorcycles, I had an interest in collecting old motorcycles so decided to get this bike.

Twenty-Three years is a long time in bike years. By that age you become aware of what makes and styles of motorcycles are still popular and which ones have lost their appeal. So, when I bought my Honda Z50 Mini Trail bike, I did so because I wanted to find out whether or not it was going to lose its appeal after a little while. After all, I had paid less than one hundred dollars US for it was only going to get better.

I didn't think much about the fact that I was actually going to get my Honda Z50 Mini Trail 50 miles from Los Gatos to Santa Cruz with a built in engine. I figured that if I was riding it on some old dirt trail, there wouldn't be too many people walking or driving by, so there wouldn't be any problem. I figured that I would figure out the rest of the way, as I was just going to ride the Honda Z50 mini trail 50 miles to Santa Cruz anyway.

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However, when I got off the bus from the school the following day, there were a lot more people around. I asked a girl who I had worked with at the school about it. She told me that the bike was really old and it probably wasn't going to be able to go down those trails that were made for smaller adults.

I asked why, and she said that it was probably a good idea for older adults to ride it because of the crf125f GPS system. The GPS system was something that I had never heard of before, but apparently it helped younger riders out a lot because it helps them find their way faster on the trails.

I guess back then it was still a fairly new thing, but I was excited because I knew that I could use the Honda Z50 Mini Trail 50 to go down those big wheels. It also looked like it was a pretty cheap bike, even for the period when it was made for smaller adults. The Honda mini bike seemed to be in pretty good shape actually, and it looked brand new. With the crf125f navigation system I would have no trouble finding my way, and it would pay off big time.

The next morning we rolled up our sleeves and went for a ride. The weather was nice and we were happy to see each other. We took the z50 mini trail 50 on and the engine began to die. I took it to the carbs and they were fine. I went ahead and tried it out myself and found that it did indeed feel a bit tight.

That's when I decided to give it the old college try. I put a little fuel in it and went down a long bump. Everything seemed fine until I felt a bit of resistance. Looking over the bike, I could not see where the problem was.

Apparently I was way too low when I put the pedal on and the bike went on me. This was the first time I had ever felt this. Luckily I wasn't hurt that time and went on without so much as a break. I figured that since the Honda made a bike for smaller adults like me back in the day that it should at least be somewhat comfortable. With the crf125f big wheel, and new seat height it certainly was.

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