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How Gel Extensions Can Increase Your Profit

How Gel Extensions Can Increase Your Profit. Gel extensions are among the most adored and popular ways for adding longer and thicker nails at home nowadays. While every possible shape and length of a human nail lends plenty of options in the beauty salon nail department, at times the sole goal is to add longer, more durable tips on the ends of each individual nail or to simply give more space for manicure and nail embellishment in general.

When it comes to gel extensions, the versatility and benefits are not limited to the added length alone. Nail gel is actually hypoallergenic, painless, and can be used daily if one so chooses. Furthermore, gel extensions can be colored, curled, straightened, bent, or cut into different shapes and designs.

There are several types of gel extensions available at the beauty salon. These include straight tips, semi-curly, and curly. Depending on what is desired, the client and stylist will decide which shape best complements the natural shape of the recipient's nails. In addition to these basic shapes, there are also oval, round, tear drop, and heart shaped nails that can be enhanced with these artificial tips.

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With these amazing tips, a three weeks old baby can already have a long list of styles to choose from. One of these styles is called the gel-x nail extension. This particular extension is made with silicone gel and it can be applied through an initial soak that puts the gel into the natural nails. It can then be stained or scented after to make the extension feel more realistic.

To remove these extensions, one must first understand the gel-extensions removal process. After the initial soak, the client must apply one hundred percent alcohol on the nails before they go to sleep. The next step would be to apply a remover that contains the chemicals listed above. Only the remover should be used and it must be applied continuously for one hour. This step should then be followed by a two minute cool down period.

After the second step, the client must then soak their natural nails in warm water for approximately twenty minutes. Once the soak is over, one has to apply a remover that contains the same chemicals. After this step, the acrylic nails will need to receive a protective layer. Most beauty salons offer a layer of acrylic nails after the application process has been completed.

Most salons offer a natural nail artist who offers Cured Gel Extensions or a Cured Gel Manicure at a reasonable price. Cured gel polish is applied and dried through the use of a hand held device. The device makes it possible to create a uniform color, similar to that of a regular gel manicure. Once the applied color has dried, the extension is topped with a protective layer that prevents the color from breaking and peeling.

After the application of the protective coat, the extension will need to be buffed. A buffing process not only provides a shiny, matte finish, but it also helps to remove any excess glue or oil from the natural nails. A buffing process is performed by the manicurist or beautician directly onto the extensions. The technician will dip a cylindrical instrument into a buffer solution and gently buff the extension until the desired degree of shine is achieved. If any dirt or debris is left behind after the buffing process, it can be removed with a small brush or towel.

Gel extensions do require more care after they have been applied. Because these extensions contain acrylic tips and chemicals, regular hand nail polish may not be able to protect them. Therefore, applying natural nail polish may be necessary. It is important to remember that when using natural nail polish, the color may not appear exactly like that on the tips of your extensions.

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