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Love Minimalist Bedroom

Love Minimalist Bedroom. A minimalist bedroom is defined by a stripped-down, uncluttered palette, clean lines, and a lack of ornamentation. While furniture-laden rooms come with plenty of choices to visually trick the eye, there's a certain amount of room for error in a minimalist setting. Because of this, it's important to choose the right minimalist bedroom furniture for your home. Here are a few tips on picking out your new bedroom pieces.

When shopping for colors, take into account your lifestyle and what you want to achieve from your minimalist bedroom decor. You want to be able to relax in this space, and there's no reason you should “overshoot” in terms of color. You're looking for colors that will calm you and induce rest. You don't have to give up vibrant colors; they can be paired with neutral ones to achieve a similar effect. The key is to pick warm, natural colors like browns, tans, and grays so you can enjoy brightening and refreshing the space without overpowering it. This is best done with lighter, more neutral shades.

When choosing the right bedroom accessories, match them with your minimalist color scheme so that they add together and enhance your minimalist style. This works especially well if your bedroom design happens to be influenced by a specific art, color, or movement. For instance, if your bedroom is inspired by Russian art or Japanese Zen, you can pair your minimalist furniture with belts made of pure leather or soft, plush pillows covered in pure cotton to bring together both the bed and the decor.

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Another way to create a minimalist bedroom is to use simple geometric shapes on your bedroom furniture. This can range from using a minimalist bed frame made of smooth, straight lines to using a mosaic tile design on the wall that incorporates different shapes. Both of these designs will help the eye move smoothly around the room without getting lost in a sea of color. You can also incorporate clear glass mosaic tiles on the walls to complement the colorful geometric shapes on the furniture.

You may find that the most important element of your minimalist bedroom is its floor plan. As mentioned above, the goal is to keep things uncluttered so that one's attention can focus on the colors and textures of the design. A great way to accomplish this is to choose light colored furniture that is also geometric in nature. This includes vases and decorative bowls, paintings and even furniture with unique, clean lines. The result is a bedroom that has a light color palette that brings out the rest of the room while creating an aesthetic focus.

Another way to create a minimalist bedroom is to choose plain, all-white painted walls to bring the entire room into one consistent color. Painted walls are great because they can be accented by interesting art pieces. Lately, contemporary artists have been creating unique, sculptural paintings that can really pull an accent of color into a space. As you browse through the artwork in a thrift store or an art gallery, you can begin to feel like you're actually in your home, as opposed to inside a cubicle.

Finally, to create the feel of a minimalist bedroom, try going back to the basics and go with a gray palette. A gray palette doesn't necessarily mean going with white – it can mean a variety of shades from off-white to purples and greens. These basic colors can be accented by bold accent colors, such as reds and yellows. These bold accents can be achieved by painting your wall colors, especially if they are in the form of stickers or stencils. You can even line your shelves with items that match your accent colors.

In sum, minimalist bedrooms can be beautiful, fresh, and extremely functional. By breaking down the size of the bedroom, you open up the space to breathe and expand your imagination. Spartan beds, smooth flooring, and gray or off-white walls provide a clean, calm feeling, perfect for a peaceful night's sleep. The best part is that all of these elements can be created on a budget, so you don't have to spend a fortune to create a haven you'll love to stay in for a lifetime. Start with a weekend retreat, add in some new furnishings, and get to work!

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