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Matte Black Business Card

Matte Black Business Card. Matte black is a modern classic that looks great. It's elegant, sleek and professional looking, which makes it one of the more popular choices for business card design. Many people don't think about including it in their business card because it can be difficult to find, but the truth is that it looks good on almost any background. In this article, I'll show you how you can create your own matte black business card with just a few simple steps.

When most people think about matte black business card, they picture an impersonal metal card stacked next to a pile of plastic cards. This is a common mistake because matte black is actually one of the easiest kinds of metals to print on. Your customers already have high expectations and luxury isn't exactly part of your average day-to-day life, right? So then, why not match that sleek, sophisticated look with a matte black business card? If you think about it, a matte black business card doesn't need to have any kind of frills on it. You can leave the borders off or even leave a whole sheet with just the name and contact information on it, which makes it easier to pass out.

Even without the metal business cards, matte black business cards can still look amazing. Because they are matte, they are very different from a metallic material like foil stamping. In fact, they can be printed on a variety of paper, including glossy and matte types of stock. The difference is that foil stamping requires that the design is printed in an actual template, whereas matte black business cards are created using a special foil stamping method that is more difficult to use than other methods.

Ashley Ware Design Gold foil on Matte Black Card Stock – matte black business card

Another advantage of matte black business cards is that they will be less prone to tearing. When you see glossy cards, it's easy to see why they tear so easily – there is a lot of surface area that is exposed. However, matte black business cards have a laminated finish, which means that there is a little less space for tearing, but the cards aren't as likely to suffer from wear and tear either.

One disadvantage of matte black business cards is that they don't look as professional as metallic based cards. That's not a problem though, because all cards have a unique style of their own. Another disadvantage is that they don't have as much text on them, so you might miss out on business card etiquette. That's not to say that there isn't any text on matte black business cards – it's just that it might be small, or it might not be the type of text that would appeal to you. Text on cards tends to be larger, though, so you can add a lot of information without having to worry about the card not being read properly.

Glossy vs metal cards There's no clear winner when it comes to choosing between matte and metallic. They both have their pros and cons. For businesses who are looking to promote a brand name, metal business cards might be preferable since these will actually have a logo on them. However, for companies that are more casual in nature, shiny foil cards might be more appropriate. The biggest advantage to foil cards is that they're less likely to get damaged, since foil can repel scratches.

Between matte and foil, you'll find that matte business cards tend to be a better choice for companies that are mostly used in an informal environment. If you think that your company needs to stick to formal attire most of the time, then opting for a matte black card would be fine. Foil based cards might be okay if you tend to deal with a lot of formal business, but they won't hold up too well in informal situations. In fact, wearing a foil card on an informal setting could damage your reputation. If you are unsure whether or not you should go with the matte option, go with the metallic option if you want to be sure that you won't damage your reputation in the process.

Black business cards can look great on just about any surface. The best thing is that they can look great regardless of what kind of surface they are placed on. Placed on whiteboards, wooden desks, or any other surface, black business cards can look as good as anything. So get out there and start picking out some business cards for your own use today!

Black Business Cards Luxury Printing – matte black business card

High Quality Matte Black Spot Uv Finished Plastic Business Card – matte black business card

Matt Wragg Spot UV finish business cards Business card mock up – matte black business card

Black Business Cards – matte black business card