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Pot Painting Ideas

Pot Painting Ideas. One of the simplest ways to update a backyard area with new color is updating your pots. Take inspiration from flowerpot painting ideas below in order to come up with the best pot painting ideas. Make certain that your pots are fresh, dry and free of soil, then apply garden paint for a full-blown transformation. Get these gardening tips for the best results from pot painting.

Get inspired by vases full of succulent pot plants. Transform your garden area into an oasis with vase filled with soap pebbles, water lilies, gardenia, and mini roses. Use craft paint for this outdoor pot painting idea. To complete the look, tie a ribbon around the vase to complete the look.

Paint a photo on a pot to jazz it up. Transform your ordinary and plain planters to beautiful ones using a photocredit application. Use instagram to find photos of your friends, family or pets, and choose the best picture to use. Oil the photo using craft paint, and let it dry. Now, using an oil craft brush, paint a collage on the planter using the colored paints. To make an even more personalized collage, use a small photo that you have taken earlier using instagram.

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You can also create an instant photo credit using this summer's most adorable characters. Transform your garden area into a playground with a painted flower pot that is decorated with a photo of Baby Einstein. Use instagram to find this original ad on the internet. When you're done, you can tie the cute photo credit to your garden planters for a unique effect.

Create an endless pattern using these handmade clays. These clays can be used for decorating any area in your home. For an outdoor photo credit, create a pattern that includes all of your most recent pictures, or use an old picture that has some unique qualities to create a vintage look. Purchase a cute stencil at your local craft store to create a personalized pattern using the clay pots.

Paint your own original artwork onto your terracotta pots using your own photograph. There are a variety of methods available to create this pattern. You can either use a stencil that you make from scratch, or upload an image credit that includes basic shapes and a few colours that you would like to use. Cut out a circle in the image credit or use a basic shape and fill it with a coloured paint. Place this on your terracotta planter and then add a colourful border to the top.

Decorate your pots with stickers. This is an excellent method of completing your own customised photo painting design. First make sure that the image source is clean and free of dirt. Next print your image onto a clean piece of non-porous paper. Use an ordinary stamp to make your image. You will then need to transfer your stamps to your pots so that you have a permanent stamp to adhere to the surface of your pots.

The most popular of these ideas is to personalise your clay pots by adding your favourite images. A favourite image source can be the traditional Jamaican flag, or a photo taken in black and white of a boho flower pot. These images have some interesting qualities such as colour, movement and depth. In particular, each particular flower has a certain significance in their native countries and in the weaving traditions of that country. By creating a pattern on one of your clay pots using one of these images, you can create a unique and meaningful boho flower pot design that you will love to use for years to come.

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