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Shower Niches

Shower Niches. Shower niches come in different styles. It all depends on your preferences. There are also differences in shower models, too. If you're looking for a shower stall that's unique, you may need to spend some time shopping around. It's not as simple as going into a nearby home depot and buying the first available model.

There are two basic kinds of shower niches: finished and tiled. In the tiled version, there are basically two choices: custom-made niches and ready-made. In the custom-made niche, this usually means having to make a frameless boxed enclosure out of various plywood panels. This would then be fitted onto a wall stud with frame paper.

In the ready-made niche, the options are manifold. You can choose from prefabricated boxes, semi-custom or fully custom. The pre-fabricated box options are either framed or not. Some are pre-assembled. But most of them aren't.

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As mentioned earlier, shower niches are available in both tiled and frameless variants. There's also an option called modularity. In this case, you can mix and match different types of materials for the walls and flooring. These can include stone tiles, ceramic tiles, or specialized sheeting of tile, glass, etc.

For shower niches with frameless enclosures, you have to take out the framed section of the stall. This involves removing one wall and then setting up the second one in its place. The advantage of this kind of enclosure is that it allows for custom framing. You can opt for metal framing, wood, or a combination of materials.

Another option for your shower niche installation is the use of shelves. A shelf is a good choice for giving shelving space behind the fixtures. It is mostly used in pantries or linen closets where there's a lot of need for extra storage space. Marble shower shelves are highly preferred by many as they add class to any bathroom.

Glass shelves, on the other hand, add light and elegance to the room. These come in various designs, styles and shapes to suit all tastes and requirements. Glass shelves also help create the illusion of space without using any extra wall. However, some shower niches may require special glass shelves installed.

You can also find a bookcase at the side or rear of your shower niche. A bookcase allows you to display books and magazines. It is an ideal storage space when you have visitors who are always keen on your favorite books. In addition to its dual function, a bookcase also gives your bathroom an aesthetic appeal. Other than the two mentioned above, you can also get corner bookcases if your bathroom is small.

There are many different types of medicine cabinets that you can install in your shower niches. They help keep your medicines in order, thus preventing them from getting messy. Many such cabinets come with locks, so that you don't need to worry about your medication being stolen. Medicine cabinets come in many different varieties and designs.

There's also a great way to decorate your shower niches – get a handpainted tile on it. This not only adds charm to the shower niche, but also makes it look like a piece of art. Hand painted tile shown on a shower niche helps make it look more classy and elegant. You can choose from various designs and patterns, depending on your taste and requirements.

You can use images of celebrities to decorate your shower niches too. You can get celebrity images from various different sources like the internet or magazines. You can even get an image of yours printed on a shelf or any other material. This not only gives it a personal touch, but also helps make it look more enticing.

All these ideas can help you create an attractive bathroom. You can even use your shower niches as a chance to display your collection of stamps. If you have a stamp collection, you can display them in your bathroom along with your photographs. A beautiful and attractive bathroom gets you more confidence and increases your self-esteem.

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