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Student Business Cards

Student Business Cards. The latest craze for student business cards shouldn't scare you away. Student business cards have proven to be effective tools in creating business connections. Business cards are still personable, unlike your professional cards. Being creative with them is just as important as learning to effectively use a new business card.

The first step to student business cards is to consider the overall format and layout. Keep it simple, clean, and professional looking. Don't try to skimp on the graphics because this will only serve to distract from your message. Another mistake is to choose colors that are too dark or bright. These will either make people pay little attention or get them irritated and may turn them away from your brand.

Another great way to incorporate student business cards into your social networking strategy is to make sure to include your logo in all of your marketing materials. Student networking events are the perfect opportunity to spread your business card to hundreds of friends at once. You can also include a map to your networking events as well as a brief description about your company.

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Some other things to consider when developing your business card design for a student networking event is to make sure it has a subtle, yet eye-catching design. People are more likely to remember a visually interesting design than an unappealing one. Another thing to keep in mind is to focus more on the text on your business cards and less on the graphic design. Text is easier to read and will be remembered a lot longer.

One of the most important elements of your business cards is your contact information. Students tend to have a hard time remembering much of their personal information, such as their name and their address. Make sure to write their names on the back of the business cards and keep other important contact information in a separate file.

For example, include your phone number on the front and your email address on the back of the card. Some networking events require that you give out your phone number and/or email address before you attend. If you do not have these information available on your business cards, your contact information may get lost in the overwhelming amount of people you will be meeting.

You may also want to place a campus highlight on your card. Most student organizations place a small booth or banner outside of their building to invite people to visit during networking events. Place your booth in front of the building where many students can see it. Make sure you have your name and phone number on your banner or sign so that individuals attending the networking events can contact you.

You may also want to make your student business cards personal. After all, your goal is to help new friends and acquaintances become familiar with your name and preferred networking events. Personalized student business cards are a great way to make this happen because you will have a great opportunity to introduce your friends and acquaintances to your business and networking activities. It is always easier to introduce your business to someone who has personally reached out to you, rather than someone who has reached out to you but whose name you have never heard.

Finally, you will want to include a brief statement on the back of your card about your organization or business. Do not make this statement as a full-on advertisement for your business; however, simply include general information about your organization. If you work for an IT consulting firm, for example, you may want to mention your affiliation with the IT consulting association.

Students generally appreciate being able to meet professionals who are knowledgeable about their particular career field. Therefore, a brief, professional statement on the back of your business cards can help potential clients know more about you and your business in a few seconds when they receive your card at networking events.

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