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Subaru Brz Ts

Subaru Brz Ts. Limited to only a limited production run of only 500 for 2021, the Subaru BRZ (“limited supply series”) is the brand's new high-performance, road-ready performance car. This high-performance, tunable, and fun-to-ride BRZ offers more control and grip than ever while still retaining the classic well-balanced nature of the brand's past models.

The new BRZ also offers more passenger room, more cargo space, more power and torque, more refined performance and a wider price range. In short, the Subaru BRZ is everything a performance vehicle should be!

In addition to its stunning looks, the turbocharged performance package offered on the Subaru BRZ is what sets it apart from its rivals in the segment. For starters, the all-new BRZ features a completely new, full-scale, two-door platform that is manufactured using high-strength and high-class forged alloy wheels and frames, contributing to its class-leading weight balance.

Subaru BRZ tS offiziell vorgestellt MyAuto8 – DAS Autoblog im – subaru brz ts

This cutting-edge design and engineering contributes to the vehicle's ability to remain air-cooled throughout its entire life cycle, something that many competitors can't boast. Subaru also went a step further by designing and engineering an entirely new front end, which is sure to garner great reviews from driving fans and road testers.

A redesigned fender, upgraded exhaust system, newly mounting struts, front and rear bumpers, front and rear stabilizers, and new brake calipers are just some of the additional changes you can look forward to when you drive your newly modified Subaru BRZ.

Upgrading to a Subaru BRZ with a manual transmission is something you won't want to miss out on, especially if you've been longing for a switch from your current coupe or sedan! If you haven't been feeling the romance of the stick shift, fear not; the all-new Subaru BRZ can be easily improved with a manual.

The standard set of tach wheels includes black cast aluminum, which offers a classy look. However, the new Subaru BRZ can also be equipped with red or black matte steel CV joints for a more aggressive appearance. As an added bonus, the factory standard steering wheel is replaced with a newly designed high-performance steering wheel made out of high-performance ceramic rubber.

The upgraded version of Subaru BRZ features a sporty 2.0-liter boxer engine with a manual transmission. Power is provided through a lightweight magnesium body, which has a satin black finish. Upgraded from the standard model, the all-new BRZ features front and rear bumpers with wider side steps to provide a larger width when measured from the back of the front tires.

The upgraded model also features front and rear corner lights with a clear cover, similar to those found on the Golf and Subaru Sti. Corner break assist also has been improved with new dual-sided bars, which are located in the center of the turnbuckles.

One of the first models to receive an upgrade in its power train was the Subaru BRZ TS, which received a power increase of four horsepower. An upgraded torque converter makes it more efficient, allowing for quicker throttle response. A larger diameter motor allows the turbocharged engine to have better power and torque, especially at higher revs. The 2021 Subaru BRZTs will also benefit from a longer stroke and a larger diameter motor, which is featured on the mazda mx-5.

The upgraded version of the Subaru BRZ includes a sporty 2.3-liter boxer engine, which is mated to a new CV stage III chassis. Upgraded performance exhaust features a single mandrel-bent tail pipe, which is located behind the passenger's seat. This improves air flow and horsepower, allowing the vehicle to launch faster and with more power. A sporty twin Scroll exhaust system is also available on the Subaru BRZ, which uses high-flow performance air filters.

The seats of the Subaru BRZ are designed to be more comfortable, especially for people who are accustomed to sitting in small cars. Newer models come with a new front and rear seat package, which has a more ergonomic design. Standard features on the exterior include projector headlights, projector-style turnsignals, front and rear bumpers, front and rear seat covers, and alloy wheels. Upgraded interior parts include a leather-trimmed dashboard, a power folding hardtop, front and rear seat side air vents, and a dual-zone climate control.

The turbocharged engines used in the Subaru BRZ are mated to a new aluminum hood with dual fillet port fuel tanks. The engine incorporates a low-profile steel strut brace and stainless steel struts. The engine has been completely redone, and the transmission is also new. The new STI style also incorporates front and rear airbags, as well as a new passenger-side knee airbag. Overall, the upgraded performance of the Subaru BRZ is quite remarkable, and it is expected that the car will sell like hot cakes during the upcoming holiday season.

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