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Sunflowers Vincent Van Gogh

Sunflowers Vincent Van Gogh. Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh is one of his most famous paintings. It is so popular, in fact, that many people know the name by this artist's name even if they have never seen any of his art. Sunflowers is name of a series of vibrant, vividly colored series of paintings by the Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh. The first series, painted in Paris in 18 87, shows sunflowers lying casually on the earth, while the second series, made four years later in Arles, exhibits a spray of sunflowers in an intricate vase.

In all of Van Gogh's Sunflowers paintings, the main flower theme is bright, cheerful colors. This theme recurs through all of his work, whether it is a landscape or a still-life. In this painting, the sunflowers are arrayed in a bright, vivid hue of orange and red. The deep colors are offset by the white, puffy clouds overhead. The arrangement of the sunflowers provides an exhilarating image of nature's beauty.

The painting starts off in the center with a cloud above and the sunflower in the background. Vincent Van Gogh used a larger than life sunflower in this painting because he wanted to portray the brightness of the flower. At first glance, it appears that there are hundreds of sunflowers, all lying down, as if sleeping. But as you look closer, you can see that only about a dozen are actually awake, lying straight up in the air. They are covered in vibrant, bright colors. The rest of the sunflowers seem to be sleeping, or dreaming, but Van Gogh added a bright accent with a bright, unusual shade of yellow.

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As in other paintings from this series, the Sunflower is surrounded by deep, blue skies and lush, green fields of grass. In this particular painting, Vincent Van Gogh also includes a Sunflower in a smaller container than usual, creating a unique color variation. The Sunflower is standing beside a blue sky and a field of wheat. This small addition emphasizes the fact that the Sunflower is a major part of nature, standing tall amongst the other elements of nature.

As in other paintings from this series, the Sunflower is focused on a single subject. In this case, it is a wheat field. He has Van Gogh make the Sunflower appear to float in the air, above the wheat. The bright colors and unusual shade of yellow are sure to remind people of the rising sun. The Sunflower also appears to shift its position, moving from side to side, and perhaps even changing the direction of its flight. This movement creates an image of motion, which is an important component of sunflowers themselves.

In addition to the Sunflower's unusual placement, Van Gogh includes many other bright colors in this painting, making it one of his most vibrant paintings from his career. Orange and blue are predominant colors throughout, though white is also present in this work as well. The Sunflower appears to move, as if it is taking birth. He has obviously chosen this subject because it is both a bright and exciting topic, and because it reminds us of the freshness and vitality of nature. The painting evokes the sensation that something new and exciting is about to occur.

In addition to this, Van Gogh also uses an unusual palette in this painting, using only black for the main color. Only a few colors are used in the palette, including sky and water, and they are both very strong and lively. As with other of Van Gogh's paintings, the Sunflower is seen through the eyes of a child, thus creating an image of childhood awakening. It is in painting this subject that he is able to bring together bright colors and strong imagery into a powerful work of art.

In order to understand how important color was to Van Gogh, it is helpful to look at other works by this famous Dutch artist. After completing this important painting, he no longer painted with just bright colors. Instead, he became interested in the more subtle and earthy tones that can be found in his artwork. This new interested in nature and colors helped Van Gogh make one of his most beloved paintings.

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