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The Miracle Of Celebes Sea

The Miracle Of Celebes Sea. The Celebes Sea is one of the most beautiful and natural seas in the world. It is a large body of water that covers an area of about 25Km by long narrow strips of land on its western and eastern coasts. The waters are rich in different types of marine life. The deep-water aquarium coral reefs are among the best in the world.

There are many islands and cays in and around the Celebes Sea, the largest of which is the island of Sulu. It is located on southwestern tip of Balinese island of Sulumitsabut. The Sulu archipelago is separated into several groups: South, Central and South-Eastern. The Celebes Sea, which is the southern most part of it, is bordered by Pangani's and Grande Island of Borneo, by the small but prominent Sulu archipelago, and by the large and extremely mobile Andaman Sea.

In the early days, the Celebes Sea was used by traders, mariners, sailing men and others for catching fresh water fish and saltwater fishes. It was also well known as the “great bay” because of its shallow waters and availability of raw materials like fish and oil. Today, tourism is the main industry of sulu archipelago.

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There are several tourist attractions in the area. Some of them are the large marinas with facilities for luxurious hotels and other accommodation, schools, a golf course, a national park, resorts, spas, hotels, restaurants, bars and a variety of entertainment places. This wide spread area is an ideal place for a holiday vacation especially for families, couples, nature lovers, adventure seekers, sports enthusiasts and so on.

Two natural lakes in the Celebes Sea Basin are positioned in the Northern and Southern parts of the sulu archipelago. These lakes have different sources of water coming from rivers, seas and lakes. They can be classified into fresh and salt water basins.

Fresh water lakes are located in northern region of the sea and the Northern Spoehr Sea. The Spoehr Sea is the second largest of all the basins of the Celebes Sea. It is also known as the blue sea. The Zamboanga basin is the third largest in the world. It is located in southern region of this sea.

The major rivers of Philippines drain into the three major basins of Sea of Cebu each supplying different fishes with their desired food. These rivers include the Laude, Salud and Tagaytay. Most of the fishes dwelling in these basins come from the rocky cliffs of mountains and hills surrounding the sea. The western pacific ocean exits through the Lagao del Sur to the south and Borneo to the north. It is the largest exit leads of all the routes leading to the Celebes Sea.

The third entry of the sea enters the country of Philippines through its western coastline. This is the entrance of the sea into the country. This route of the Celebes is the only passage of a large body of water that is completely navigable by ships and aircrafts. It provides a safe and easy passage of ships and other sea vessels. There are many places of tourist interest and natural attractions in the area.

The Celebes Sea is the third largest sea in the world. It can be divided into two sections, the Eastern or the Western Sea. Some of the islands here like Mindanao, Boracay and Palawan have their own unique characteristics and features, which makes them unique in the world. Some of these features are the proliferation of different types of marine life in it, different types of coral reefs in it, and the unique history of people in this area.

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