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What is a Gundam?

What is a Gundam?. A Gundam is a high-tech, large humanoid combat vehicle created by the Earth Federation in 0079 of the Universal Century (UC). The original Gundam was developed to combat the technological superiority of the Principality of Zeon, a space-faring alien race.

In addition to the main series, the name can also refer to derivatives of the Gundams in alternate universes. The primary characteristic of a typical G-Vector is its V-Antenna. The rounded, blocky anthropomorphic form is reminiscent of that of the samurai and a human body.

While the Gundam storyline is centered around a young boy's adventures, the series is also filled with a lot of gray areas. For example, the Principality of Zeon was founded on rational ideas, such as the rule of law. But the Zabi family wanted power and domination so much that they destroyed the entire colony by dropping a gas canister on Sydney, Australia. Gihren Zabi was even referred to as the "space Hitler" by his father.


Anime fans can get into the Gundam franchise by watching the mobile suits. There are numerous anime series and manga based on the Gundam franchise. There are several different ways to experience the different Gundam worlds, such as watching the games, collecting figures, and playing the video games. However, the most popular way to start is with the original 1979 Mobile Suit Gundam series. Both are set in the "Universal Century" continuity, which refers to media before the "One Year War."

Despite the many different characters that are featured in the Gundam series, the Gundam franchise has remained a largely hard sci-fi show with a strong female lead. The main Gundam pilot responds to the invitation in an unimpressive monotone. It is important to note that these anime are not exclusively Gundam and have a female protagonist. It is also important to know that the Gundam characters in the series are not all robots; some have human features, which may not be present in real world stories.

There are many different Gundam series and manga. There are sequel series, OVAs, and the Gundam ZZ. The most popular of these is the first, with the second following the same titled episodes. It has become the most popular series in the world, with more than one hundred million viewers worldwide. Aside from the main series, the series has many OVAs and is considered a huge success in the anime market. Aside from this, there are also numerous spin-offs that have appeared, and they are still being produced.

Some Gundam series websites are limited in time, and are created to promote DVD releases. Other sites provide character listings, lists of related merchandise, and pay-for-download content. Some of these websites also offer downloadable wallpaper and games. A site dedicated to the series' main character is a good place to learn about the history of the series. This is a great way to keep in touch with the latest developments in the world of giant robots.

In the anime world, Gundams are made to mimic human emotions and behavior. The protagonists are usually teenage boys. Despite their small size, these vehicles are highly advanced and have incredible strength. Moreover, they have high level of customization. There are two types of Gundams: the prototype and the mass-produced ones. There are also the models that are more expensive and limited-produced versions. These are the ones that will be marketed in the market.

In North America, Gundam manga are available in English and Japanese. The G.F.N. series is better than the G.F.F. version due to the improved quality of plastic used in the toys. In comparison to the Gundam Models, G.F.N. lines contain more detailed models with smaller casting lines and fewer gray plastic parts. The quality of these figurines is not inferior to the original versions but far superior.

The Gundam ZZ series is a highly popular anime series in Japan. It has been translated into multiple languages. It features the protagonists as brash, annoying and silly. The series is also designed to appeal to younger audiences. This is because the characters are made to be as brash as possible. Despite this, they do learn to be responsible adults as the stakes rise. In the end, they become an icon of the anime.

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