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Wool Anniversary Gifts

Wool Anniversary Gifts. When it comes to gifts for lovers, wool and love have been a couple of the most popular choices for decades. You'll understand just how special that means if you've ever found your significant other wrapped in wool with love-laden notes stitched delicately on both sides. But these days, you aren't alone. Millions of people around the globe are celebrating their one year anniversary with a little romance in their celebrations. So why not treat your anniversary as an excuse to surprise your sweetheart? Here are some ideas:

If you have children, one of the most treasured gifts is a quality picnic blanket. It is an essential part of any family outing that requires outdoor activities, and children need plenty of blankets to keep them warm and dry.

A wool picnic blanket is a great choice because it will keep children as comfortable as possible. They'll be able to lie down and eat without having to worry about the blanket getting soiled, and it can be easily removed and replaced if and when they get too dirty.

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For the menfolk, nothing beats a good, sturdy wool felt necktie. With a tradition of being one of the most formal neckties out there, a quality necktie is one of the most treasured wool anniversary gifts. It is elegant and classy, yet can make an impression every time it is worn. Treat your best guy to a pair of these each and every time he takes a woman out for dinner!

The perfect anniversary gift for the man in your life is a personalised copper hat, wallet, watch, cuff links, tie and socks with an inside message. If your sweetheart is into outdoor adventures, then he'll love the personalised copper mitts to keep his hands warm on those icy trails. If he likes to play sports, then an ideal gift is a set of personalised copper swing set accessories to help him get his mind off the floor and onto the fun stuff. And, on that note, he'll appreciate the gift of seven years together – he'll have something handy to help him remember the good times with you!

Another great wool gift idea is an all-in-one travel toiletry bag. This is the perfect gift for a guy who loves travelling. He'll have everything needed to take on his solo travels and still find time to pamper himself. He'll love the practicality of the Travel Tote and it's something he can use every day to feel relaxed and ready to hit the road again. With the leather padded shoulder strap and adjustable handles, he'll have the ability to carry it just about anywhere.

The gemstone business has taken a giant leap forward in recent years and many men are discovering unique pieces of jewellery designed from gemstones rather than traditional gold and silver. A stunning piece of jewellery designed from a birthstone comes to mind – the diamond studded Onyx. A stunning classic example of this stunning stone is the Waverly Diamond Engagement Ring. Each gemstone is cut into a brilliant circle and presented in a traditional 14k gold setting. So if you want to make a really lasting impression with one of these unique wool anniversary gifts, choose one of these amazing jewellery pieces designed from gemstones.

A fantastic gift that will go down a treat with your man is an original wool rug hand-knotted by a master-worker with 100% wool from New Zealand. This wool rug has a design element to it that makes it a fantastic match for any room in the home, but it's also available to be ordered in other colours if that's what would be best for your man. It could easily be turned into the perfect 7th wedding anniversary present, or perhaps a unique gift for your latest boss!

The most famous example of a wool scarf, however, isn't knitted from the finest of the wool it was designed from. Instead the scarf is knitted from artificial merino wool, which has a feel and look of real wool and because it is water resistant it will keep the man you give it to warm. So instead of giving him an ordinary jumper for his birthday, give him a scarf with the same rich design and finish that he loves so much. It's the perfect romantic gift for your man, a true partner in crime!

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