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American Express Platinum Credit Cards

American Express Platinum credit cards are one of the best offers out there. The Platinum card offers many rewards. For the money, there is no better offer. It's easy to get approved and get points. There is a limit on the amount of points you can get but once that is reached you will be able to use them to redeem airline miles and discounts. There is a zero percent introductory interest rate on balances transferred to this card.

When you apply for a platinum card, it will take about an hour to receive your response. You will need to supply your personal information such as name, address, social security number, birth date, phone number and birth place. You can choose whether you want a primary card or additional cards for other credit cards. If you apply for additional cards, they cannot be used until you have taken them out. After you take them all out, you can then transfer your balance between them.

American Express platinum card offers have various rewards. The Rewards offered includes travel points for the primary card holder. Each additional card member earns one point for each dollar that they charge to their primary account. You earn additional points for dining in their restaurants, staying at their hotels and for purchasing merchandise at their retail stores.

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You will earn one point for each dollar that you spend on gasoline when using your platinum card for gas purchases, shopping at their stores, eating out at their restaurants and for any other dollar spent. You earn one additional point per dollar spent on other purchases. This offers great value and allows you to build your reward program. Once you reach a specific dollar amount of spending, you will earn three points per dollar spent. You can earn up to twenty five hundred bonus points total.

The American Express platinum card offers a great bonus and rewards program. Their cash back program allows you to earn one percent cash back on all purchases that you make. This offers great savings and benefits if you make use of the service. You earn two percent cash back on dining, gas and salon services. There are no annual fee and no membership fees associated with the American Express Platinum Card program.

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There are additional cards from American Express that you may wish to consider. The card called the Gold Plus Card earns one percent back just for using the Gold Plus card to make purchases. The card called the Gold Card earns one percent back for dining, gasoline and for Salon and day care services as well. There are additional cards that offer five, ten and fifty percent off of different purchases.

The American Express platinum card and the other credit cards from American Express earn you points or bonuses for every dollar that you charge to your account. These bonuses or points are added onto your account each time that you make a purchase. You earn one point for every dollar that you charge to your account, two points for a dollar and fifty cents and three points for spending ten dollars or more at merchants that are owned and operated by the company. The more points that you have the greater your rewards will be.

When you earn the points you can redeem them for cash or other prizes. The American Express platinum card has a rewards rate of just over fifty percent on many of their purchases. They offer a fifteen point dollar bonus for their dining rewards program, and you earn four points per dollar at local gasoline stations owned and operated by American Express. The terms and conditions of the program do not cover online purchases. If you want to maximize your rewards you will have to use the American Express website to redeem your points.