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Business Card Printing Paper

Business Card Printing Paper. Business card printing is an essential part of a business's success. The amount of traffic you get on your cards reflects the amount of business you do and the potential that your cards can give to prospects. There are many things to keep in mind when it comes to selecting the right business card printing paper. Below is a short guide on how to choose the right cardstock for your business.

Many companies prefer to use professional business card printing paper, since it is quite expensive, and quite hard to produce. The great thing about using professional quality cardstock is that you can enjoy a number of different options with regards to how your business cards will look. There are plenty of business card finishing techniques available, which you can apply to different types of cardstocks. Here are some of these different techniques:

Use professional printing software programs. Most software programs designed for professional printing allow you to customize your business cards according to your own preferences. You can change the colours, font styles, image formats, etc – the possibilities are endless. You can also adjust the sizes of your business cards, so they will fit well in your wallet.

Avery 9″ x 9 - business card printing paper

Use uncoated cardstocks. Uncoated (cardstock) business card printing paper can be slightly rough, since the ink doesn't have any ink applied yet, but this doesn't affect the final product – it just gives it a slightly different feel. You can find uncoated cardstocks in most craft shops, but it is also possible to order them from online printers, if you don't have access to a local shop.

Use coated cardstock. Coated cardstocks are printed with ink that has been specially coated so that it is harder to tear, but not so difficult to write on. They tend to last longer than uncoated business cards printing services, and you will have fewer problems with smudging. You might want to look at these options if you want the best quality and the lowest cost business card printing services.

Choose glossy or matte finishes. Glossy finishes are shiny and see-through, so they are great for business card printing. However, they can be too bright and glare if used outdoors, so many people opt for matte finishes instead. You may also want to consider cardstock finishes if you want your cardstock to have a high gloss finish, because they are available in a wide range of colours.

Choose full colour or polyester finish. Glossy finishes are available in full colour, but there's another advantage to choosing polyester instead. With full colour printing, your design can be printed in vivid colours, and even printed in black and white if that's what you need. With polyester, you can get your text printed in as many colours as you like. The only downside to full colour business card printing is that the cost is higher, and you won't receive the same high gloss finish with either option.

Choose coated matte or glossy finish. Most printers offer a choice between matte, semi matte, and glossy finish. If you are planning on using your business cards outside of the office, you should choose matte because it will keep your card's colour consistent no matter how often it is washed. However, if you are going to print business cards inside your office, you will probably want to go with gloss or semi-glossy matte finish. gloss gives the text full colour, and semi-glossy matte finish is less glossy and more comfortable to your eyes.

If you are concerned about the durability of your finished product, consider using coated card stock. Coated finishing is made from a printed sheet of plastic, so the finished product is as durable as the actual paper stock it is printed on. Also, coated stock usually has a UV resistant finish.

Choosing the right finish depends on what you want. Glossy finish is popular for business cards because it looks professional, and most people will expect this type of finish on professional cards. Glossy finish is available in full colour, sepia, or acid free. You can also get gloss and matte finish cards, in four colour styles: light, dark, semi light, and dark blue. You can use a simple quadratic formula to determine the best four colour style for your cards (using the graph paper that comes with your printer).

A very popular choice for business cards printing is a four colour business card printing service. Most printing companies will supply all the materials you need to print business cards in a variety of colours, including red, blue, green, black and text. If you are going to order more than one set of cards, you may want to choose a matte finish to prevent the cards from looking too similar. When choosing a textured or ribbed cardstock, choose a thick or rough card stock with a high glossy finish. Textured and ribbed cardstock looks especially nice when designed in full colour.

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