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Citi College Credit Cards

Citi College Credit Cards. Citibank offers several credit cards that you can use for your CITI College expenses. These cards will help you save money each month on groceries, gasoline and many other expenses associated with college living. If you have a difficult time managing your finances, then you will want to consider getting one or more of these cards to help you out. Here are the details of some of the cards offered by Citibank.

One card is the Preferred Rewards card from Citibank. This card is good for use at any CITI store, including their gas stations. You can earn up to 2.5% cash back on the purchases you make at these stores, which can save you quite a bit of money each month. For students who use the card to pay for books and other expenses while in college, this cash back incentive can be one of the best features of this card.

The second credit card from Citibank is the Plus card. This card allows students who are part of CITI to purchase food and beverages at any participating CITI gas stations. There is no annual fee associated with these cards, which means you will not have to pay any extra cash back fees on them. They also offer the same cash back incentives that the Preferred Rewards card does.

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The third credit card is the Student Plus card from Citibank. This card is great for any student who needs a little extra cash for school. It is also a great way for a student to build his or her credit history before starting their careers in the corporate world. The card offers rewards for all of the spending done with this card and offers low interest rates on balances that do not get carried over to the student's degree of studies.

Citibank offers five different prepaid cards to their college students. These cards do not have any annual fees and offer a money back guarantee if you do not receive your monthly statement. You can make unlimited purchases with the cards and you will be assigned an account number once you have made ten payments on time. You do not have to pay any application or maintenance fees for these cards. You are assigned an account number once you have made ten payments on time.

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There are many people who have CITI cards because it has been a trusted bank for many students throughout the years. If you need an emergency loan, they have the service available for this as well. All you have to do is fill out the application online and it should take no more than twenty minutes. You can apply for the CITI college credit cards online twenty minutes after you have turned in your application.

The benefits of having a CITI credit card are that you can make purchases over without worrying about over limit or late fees. The same applies to cash advances. When you use these cards, the terms and conditions of the card will state that you have to pay off your balance every month on time. It is a great benefit for college students because they do not have to worry about these types of charges while they are attending college.

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If you are a college student who needs to find a reliable source of money when necessary, CITI credit cards will fit the bill. They are also good for anyone who wants to build up their credit rating while they are still in school. Once you have been on the CITI card for a few months, you should see a significant decrease in your credit score. This is because your payment history with the credit company should have significantly improved. In the end, the many benefits of CITI college credit cards outweigh the negatives that are associated with them.