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Citi Prestige Credit Card

The Citi Prestige Credit Card offers a variety of perks for people who travel a lot. The card is accepted at more than 200 restaurants worldwide. It provides an automatic airline mileage discount for frequent travelers. If you book your tickets in advance, it also saves you the effort of running back and forth to the ticket office to get approved. As you may have guessed, this card also provides rewards for spending on airline tickets.

The CITI Prestige Card is actually an air travel rewards program. With this card, you are able to earn five points for every dollar that you charge on airline tickets, including tickets that are booked through the airline's own site or by contacting the airline directly.

You earn additional five points for every dollar charged on hotel stays and rental cars. Each of these bonuses is worth a set number of airline miles per airline mile. Once you have accumulated enough miles to earn a flat rate reward worth one cent, you will then be eligible to start earning the rewards.

Citi Prestige Card: A new credit card for unforgettable experiences

CITI Prestige Cards comes with many added incentives. First, you get automatic airline membership benefits including priority pass access, priority boarding, free bags, free airport lounge access, no-fee rental car services, and discounts on food, alcohol, and entertainment. There are also a number of customer service benefits such as assistance with passport applications, assistance with application inquiries, and information on obtaining an auto insurance plan.

In addition, the card also comes with a service that allows you to purchase any travel cards at participating merchants at a discounted price if you show your CITI Prestige Card at the time of purchase. Additionally, if you show your CITI Prestige Card at a gas station or supermarket, the cashier may give you a discount on your bill.

Citi Prestige® Card – citi prestige

The points are earned by using the points to purchase airline tickets. The program offers several different types of rewards. You can earn one point for every dollar that you charge on your CITI Platinum Card. You can earn five points for every dollar that you charge, but this offer is only good for cash payments. You earn three points per airline ticket that you buy and one point for any other air travel purchase that you make.

The CITI Prestige Card from Citibank has a program called Cashback Now that offers frequent fliers airline miles and bonus points that can be converted into cash and used for purchases at participating merchants. With the current economy, however, a lot of people are avoiding flying because they can't pay the fees that are associated with a trip. This cashback thankyou points program eliminates this problem. By taking an extra 30 minutes to book your trip, you will be able to save some money, which can be used to obtain not only plane tickets but also hotels and rental cars for your trip.

Citi Prestige® Travel Rewards Credit Card – Citi

This CITI Prestige Card from Citibank also comes with a 250 annual travel credit. This allows frequent fliers to have instant access to their credit to get them started toward purchasing their first tickets. If you don't have this credit, then you will need to start building your credit by making regular payments on time until you receive your card. Those who don't have it, but plan on building it soon will have access to the 50,000 bonus points that they can begin using immediately.

CITI Prestige Card members who do not own a home will also be able to take advantage of the airline rewards credit cards. This allows them to use their CITI Prestige Card for air travel if they do own a home. These cards come with introductory rates that last between three months and twelve months. You will be able to make unlimited purchases and enjoy free travel as long as you have your Citibank card. With these great annual benefits and the 250 points that you can get back every time you use your card, CITI Prestige Card makes it easy for those who travel often.

CITI Prestige Card holders will also be able to take advantage of special offers from Citibank including the special credit card offers: Personalized Business Credit Card; Personalized Travel Rewards Credit Card; airline travel bonuses; dining plans; and savings. Each of these special offers come with a different price, but with the regular application and regular billing, CITI Prestige Card makes it easy to earn five points per every dollar on dining plans, hotel plans, air travel and car rentals. To learn more about the special offerings from Citibank, register for a CITI Prestige Card today!