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Fantastic Experience Of This Year’s Fat Bob 114

Fantastic Experience Of This Year’s Fat Bob 1114. The ergonomics of this year's Harley-Davidson Fat Bob 114 is ideal for the daily stoplight romps through town. You're strongly entrenched in the all day comfortable seat, with your legs up, but not too far forward. If not crutches, then at least profile, the narrow grips are all about as good as they'll get for off road riding.

They'll hold you tight and give you just enough leverage to pedal with complete control. You can lean back and feel secure in the knowledge that your arms are fully extension ready for climbing hills. The sturdy framework also means that you're not going to have to spend half an hour on the throttle getting the bike up to a speed you'll be able to keep up with.

The throttle sensitivity on the fat bob 114 is very good. It responds quickly and easily to any shift in weight, including sudden changes in direction. When you're coasting, you get a nice smooth shift to full torque quickly, even without applying any pressure. Increasing the RPMs on the throttle adds a bit of torque and acceleration, but the feel of it still is quick, smooth and effortless.

Neumotorrad: Harley-Davidson Softail Fat Bob 10 FXFBS, Baujahr – fat bob 114

The wide front tire with strong radial ply helps make the fat bob 114 a fast and fun cruiser. Even on wet roads, the wet roads it lives on, the wet conditions help this bike handle well. In wet conditions the wheels lock down a bit better. The front end isn't overly light or wet, so cornering and acceleration is easy. The solid steel frame and dual front disc brakes help the bike achieve a low center of gravity.

Despite its low center of gravity, the seat on the Bob 114 is not flimsy. There is plenty of room and the padding is soft and supportive. On the subject of comfort, the seat is wide and the armrests are deep which means that every time you're on the bike the arms are comfortable. The shock absorbing design of the monoshock seat also contributes to comfort.

Like many bikes from the Harleys Bike Shop line, the Bob114 has dual front suspension with an optional rear suspension. I am partial to the rear suspension on this bike. It is made of aluminum and features a longer stroke. This is primarily due to the shorter distance between the pivots on the two front wheels. This allows more clearance for the suspension to act upon the rear shocks. The result is that there is no need for a longer frame to handle the rear suspension.

Because of the shorter distance between the pivots the suspension geometry can be optimized for faster throttle response times without losing maneuverability. The geometry is specified so that the tires will have optimum contact with the ground while maintaining a constant compression weight. Due to the optimized spring and damping rates this bike has low torque and very good handling.

The standard model of the harley-davidson fat bob 114 has the same tank, twin pipe exhaust system, and a standard headlight and tail lamp. Some upgrade options include a Cruise Control Tachometer, High Lift Breakers, Cruise Control Booster, stainless steel side steps, and a stainless steel back light. 

The Cruise Control Tachometer is a great feature as it allows you to ride in comfort as you cruise up to your destination. This is especially true if you opt for the standard tire and suspension set up because it can save you money on tire pressure.

The wheels and tires of the Bob114 are a class apart from most motorcycles in its class. These are high performance chrome motorcycle wheels. You can get them in either two-toned chrome or two-tone black. These wheels are made with real brakes and durable rims, which are ideal for all kinds of weather conditions.

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