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Farmhouse Bedroom

Farmhouse bedroom decor and ideas are more than just old barn doors and shiplap. In reality, they can actually be very sophisticated and sumptuous with just the right motif elements and design elements. If you've always wanted a traditional, country feel in your bedroom but don't want to sacrifice the rest of your decor, a farmhouse style may be exactly what you need. Here are some farmhouse bedroom decorating ideas that will help to add that special touch to your room.

You may find that choosing a theme for your farmhouse bedroom is the easiest part of the process. There are thousands of different themes to choose from and many of them can easily be accented with old barn wood. This makes a very easy and inexpensive way to decorate your bedroom. Old barn wood makes a great accent that can really pull your room together. It is also a very popular choice when it comes to choosing a new headboard or footboard for your bedroom decorating project.

One other great addition that can make your farmhouse bedroom look like an old barn is a wall sconce. These can either be wall sconces that sit on the wall or floor sconces that hang from the ceiling. You can choose to have one that is made of metal and have a wrought iron look or choose a hanging farmhouse chandelier that is made of wood and has a vintage look to it. You can really get all types of unique chandeliers, so take your time to look through all of them to find the one that suits your personal style the best.

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Another idea that can help make your farmhouse bedroom feel like an old barn is to use old metal bed frames as accent furniture. With this type of decor, you'll definitely want to choose a wrought iron or wooden frame to use as your main farmhouse accent piece. You can find these easily at any home improvement store. Just look for a metal bed frame that is rustic in appearance, maybe with some wooden details such as a door knob or a cupboard.

If you love the idea of using farmhouse bedroom furniture to create an old fashioned look, then you may want to look for a peters stool. These are stools that have a long wheel at the back. They usually have two legs and there is a wooden headboard on each leg. You can find peters in many different colors such as brown, tan, or green.

An accent wall in your farmhouse bedroom can consist of many things. One great idea is to add a rustic wood nightstand. Nightstands are very functional because they allow you to put your feet up while reading a book. There is nothing better than waking up to a nice hot cup of coffee on a cold day. A rustic wood nightstand with a curvy wooden leg that matches the headboard on each bed will be great. This type of nightstand is also available in many different sizes.

Another idea for an accent wall in your farmhouse bedroom would be to use a few hanging vines, perhaps an English wisteria or an indoor or landscape tea tree. These vines can bring just the right touch of nature in to complete the look. With the vines hanging all over your wall, you will really feel peaceful and quiet. Just be sure not to cover up these beautiful little creations because you will get that welcoming feeling when you walk into your bedroom.

The final item that should be included in this style of bedroom decor is the color palette. Choosing colors that match each other will create a very unique and fun look. So try using blues and purples for your walls and you will definitely be able to create a unique feel to your farmhouse bedroom decor. Again, you do not want to over do it with the colors, just make sure that the colors compliment one another.


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