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Happy Silver Wedding Anniversary

Happy Silver Wedding Anniversary. Happy silver anniversary to you! You were with me all these years, through thick and thin! Fifty, 75, 100 plus years of togetherness, without one bump or wrinkle! You, my love, have journeyed so far, I am certain this is the best day of your life, right now! May you both reach 50, 75, and 100 years of togetherness, forever!

To celebrate your silver jubilee, here is a very personal message for you. Many years ago I was newlyweds. My husband suggested we plan a vacation to an island resort in Mexico. We had only been married about three months when we took that option. We planned everything out, the hotel, meals, flowers, entertainment…everything.

The next morning, as we woke up, my mother was beside me in the bed. She said she had a feeling we were “so lucky” to be married. So thankful she was able to share such wonderful news with me. She told me she was so glad we decided to go to Mexico and celebrate our happy 25th anniversary. I didn't know how to respond.

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My parents' reply was to send us two small packets of their very special Thank You notes. In them they expressed their most heartfelt gratitude for our celebration and the love and prayers we sent to our most beloved friend, mom and dad. These notes, beautifully addressed, were a real gift to our family. Our celebrants were delighted to receive these very special birthday greetings. We all enjoyed them immensely and long to keep them tucked away and share them with others when necessary.

Another way we have used these special happy 25th anniversary quotes to commemorate these special occasions is to create keepsakes. For instance, one year we gave a large plastic bag with a personalized Happy Anniversary message inside. Each time we opened the bag we could see the happy anniversary message and be reminded of the sweet things we shared together. Many times we find that the happy 25th anniversary quotes are even more meaningful as song lyrics because they touch our feelings so much more strongly. Even years later we still feel those emotions.

Another idea we have employed is to write a poem or a letter to accompany each happy 25th anniversary greeting. Then our friends and family can read the poem or the letter and be comforted by reading about how much we have shared together. It is a very simple form of sharing. Yet, it lasts forever and is a powerful expression of love. Once we have used this idea in creating keepsakes or gifts we continue to use it long after the original gift has been received.

Another idea we have tried is to compile a CD of happy 25th anniversary wishes for each member of the couple that has been married for many years. This will serve as an inspirational way to remind us that the marriage has truly lasted a lifetime. Each CD will be different so that each happy anniversary will target a different age group or bracket of people. Yet, I have found that the most commonly used age bracket are in their late twenties and early thirties. Often we find that the children have grown up and moved on in their lives but the marriage itself has not changed.

We often live in a society where we live to have babies and then pass the responsibilities of motherhood on to our children. This has created a vacuum in the marriage. But, it does not need to be like this if both spouses truly want to cherish the happy anniversary.

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