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Justin Timberlake Rock Your Body

Justin Timberlake Rock Your Body. The song “Rock Your Body” by Justin Timberlake is one of the most well-known songs of all time. The song was written and produced by Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo and was originally meant to be featured on Michael Jackson's Invincible album. The song received many reviews from critics and was even a featured track on Invincible. After the controversy erupted, Timberlake distanced himself from the song, stating that he never intended to release it.

The 'Rock Your Body' song is a hit for Justin Timberlake. The song was originally written for Michael Jackson, but Jackson turned it down. The song was eventually recorded by Timberlake and the Neptunes for the 'Justified' album. It became one of the most popular songs of all time. Although it was not the top hit at the time, it is still a very popular single today.

The video for the song features dancing and a lighted cube. The music video features a series of multi-colored lights, and was directed by Francis Lawrence. The video was a hit, reaching number two in the UK and number five in the US. It has been viewed by over 450 million people. Its success was due to a high production value and originality. It was the first song by Justin Timberlake to be included in the Ultratop 50.

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Unlike most other music videos, the video features the singer performing the beatboxing portion of the song. Throughout the video, Timberlake dances with the back-up dancers, singing along to the song. The video's most impressive part is its use of color-changing lights and the presence of the singer's face. However, this music video may not be for everyone. You will find other versions of this music video, and you can listen to the audio version below.

The music video begins with the letters “Rock Your Body.” The song is titled after the dancer's first song in the video. There is a brief intro to the song and the lyrics, and then a brief section of the music. The background of the Levitating part is the first half of the video, followed by the other half, with the other half containing the dancer. The entire song is a slow-moving, acappella.

The Rock Your Body is the sixth routine in the game, which was initially made available in Just Dance Unlimited for only a week before being permanently added to the game. It features a brief cameo by the coach, who appears during the second verse of T.G.I.F. (T.G.I.F.). The video of Rock Your Body is the P1 in Save Your Tears.

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