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Low Cost Business Cards

Low Cost Business Cards. Low cost business cards are easy to make if you have a computer and an internet connection. There are many websites that offer templates and layouts for free, or you can use a good photo shop program to do your own design. The templates are helpful because they allow you to see the finished product before paying for it. This can be very helpful when you're just starting out, as most of the designs available in the stores aren't very practical.

The most common mistake people make when designing low cost business cards is using words that aren't short enough. They may use a couple of long words in a sentence, but those words should be arranged in such a way that they don't clutter the card. For example, instead of saying “please take my” you might try “John Doe, please take my order.” Your customer will be confused, but at least they won't see your company's address on the back of the card.

One thing to remember when making your cards low cost is to use short, simple sentences and make sure they are to the point. In the previous example, you would want to include the person's name, address and a short, simple sentence regarding your company. If you used an action phrase like “order today” instead of simply “take my order,” you might get by with a shorter and more direct response. If your card says “to learn more about us” then you can put the person's name in the action phrase and include any information that might prove useful for your prospective client.

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Now that you've designed your cards, you need to test them. Use the same template and add or delete words until you find a layout that works well for you. Use shorter action phrases and shorter sentences. You want to create an easy-to-read, clear card that conveys the message that your business card is offering.

A word of advice: Many low cost business cards are designed with a shiny gold finish. The problem with this is that it does nothing to create a professional look. It looks like the card just came off the production line. Instead, opt for a matte, flat finish that looks professional but is not over the top. Glossy finishes are also best suited for glossy brochures or flyers: they make a great backdrop to larger images.

A final point about designing your cards: while it may be easy to whip up some interesting graphic designs, try not to overdo it. One of the best things you can do is draw inspiration from real-world examples. If you've ever studied a brochure or flyer, then you know what a professional design looks like. In contrast, if you have never seen a high-quality business card in real life, then you'll probably need a little help with this.

What about graphics and color? While it's tempting to throw together a few nice graphics, keep in mind that an image that looks great on your computer screen will not necessarily look good when printed out. Your graphic designer should be able to determine how the colors will appear on various sizes, and how much contrast or enhancement is appropriate for different types of printouts. If you're concerned that the finished cards won't match your branding or marketing materials exactly, ask them to sample various papers and explain the differences between the paper types as well as the type of colors you want.

That's really all there is to reading review and looking at price points for low cost business cards online. Keep in mind that you should definitely take the information you get online with a grain of salt. There are many online business card printing companies out there, and many of them offer free trials and other discounts, so take advantage of these offers and get cards that will look professional, reflect your brand, and meet your branding objectives.

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