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Lowes Bathtubs

Lowes Bathtubs. Are you looking for a bathroom that is both functional and stylish? Do you want one that has the ability to fit in with the style of your home as well? Then look no further than your local Lowes! There are many varieties of showers, faucets, and accessories at a place that you can trust when it comes to getting the items you need at a price you can afford. Here is what you can expect when you visit a Lowes store.

With an array of styles and options to choose from, you will find your Lowes bathtubs and tub showers available in many colors, materials, and configurations. Lowes has all the basic bathtub types you would like to see and, of course, those extra features that can only make your bathtime more relaxing and refreshing. Not to mention the fact they are very affordable, elegant, and classy.

Whether you need a shower or a bathtub, you will be able to find just what you need at a place that sells Lowes. Their assortment of freestanding bathtubs include classic tubs, contemporary tubs, Japanese soaking tubs, and hydrotherapy soaking tubs. You can even choose from vinyl and fiberglass tubs.

Endurance 5-in W x 5-in L White Acrylic Rectangular Left Drain – Lowes Bathtubs

You will also have an assortment of shower heads, including jetted shower heads, high pressure sprays, hand held shower heads, and natural gas and electric shower heads. In addition, you will find walk in shower kits, including a shower enclosure, digital controls, and soap dishes.

Of course, no selection of Lowes bath products would be complete without including the line of low profile bathtubs. If you want the most comfortable possible bathtub, low profile bathtubs are the perfect choice for you. The long, slender design of low profile bathtubs makes them easy to fit into tight spaces. Plus, you will be able to find a great selection of colors and designs. No matter whether you prefer the traditional look of a freestanding bathtub or a contemporary design with lots of curves, low profile bathtubs will give you just what you need.

Of course, lowes bathtubs showers are also available to suit your every need. Steam showers, whirlpool tubs, and power shower systems are offered so you can choose the perfect whirlpool tub for your home. Steam showers offer you the convenience of a shower without the dryness associated with stepping into a steam room. A whirlpool tub has the unique ability to contour to the shape of your body. You can choose a low profile whirlpool tub with a seat or you can take advantage of the extra space a power shower system offers by adding a bench.

Lowes also offers a wide range of affordable, low maintenance, high quality freestanding bathtubs. From corner bathtubs to free standing bathtubs, you will be able to find the perfect model for your home.

If you love the look of granite but don't have the budget for it, you will be happy to know that there are plenty of other materials available for your freestanding bathtubs and tubs. Slate, marble, soapstone, and porcelain are just some of the common materials used to create beautiful, high quality tubs. With your choice of material, you can build a tub that looks like it was custom built just for you.

When it comes to the different features available in lowes bathtubs, homeowners have a lot of flexibility. One of the most popular choices includes the whirlpool tub. Many homeowners who love the relaxation that whirlpool tubs provide opt for these in their bathrooms. Others opt for jets that make taking a hot bath a lot more enjoyable.

No matter what your bathroom style, lowes bathtubs are sure to give your bathroom an upscale look. With a wide range of different styles, materials, colors, and models, you are sure to find the perfect bathtub for your home. With lowes bathtubs, you can create a bathroom that looks like a room in a 5 star hotel. Talk to your favorite contractor today about his or her amazing line of lowes bathtubs.

KOHLER Archer 5-in W x 5-in L White Acrylic Rectangular Left – Lowes Bathtubs

Jacuzzi Primo 5-in W x 5-in L White Acrylic Rectangular Right – Lowes Bathtubs

Woodbridge Venezia 5

Jacuzzi Stretto 5.5-in W x 5