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Medium Short Hairstyles

Medium Short Hairstyles. Medium haircuts and hairstyles are meant to complement your mood, right? You need a medium length haircut to be casual, playful, or professional, right? Well, not exactly! Medium short hairstyles allow you to get rid of mid-length hair, yet they long enough for a ponytail, a braid, or even an updo-a-do, and let you style your hair however you fancy.

There are many haircuts that work great with medium length hair. One such haircut is the layered lob. These haircuts look fantastic on almost all face types and are very easy to maintain. To do this hairstyle, you need to have hair that is layered at the temples, but left out to the sides. Then you simply take one layer and bring it up to the ears, combing it downward. You can then add a second layer underneath and secure with a clasp or a barrette.

If you want to try something different than a typical medium length haircut, a pomade style might be for you. There are many different pomade haircuts, so find the one that works best for you. A pompadour pomade is perfect for those who do not want their hair super short, or super long. You can pull this look off with natural looking waves, curls, or a neat and tidy choppy cut. Any of these styles will go great with any kind of clothing and hair accessories you have.

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If you have naturally thick hair, and are trying to find medium length hairstyles that are good for you, then you may want to consider a layered bob cut. This look is great for those with thick hair, because the layers are subtle, yet still visible. A bob with an angled front layer is a simple and sleek look that works well with just about any type of clothing, including metallic pieces.

Many short hairstyles for those with thick wavy hair will feature some waves. These can be simple wavy curls, or they can be elaborate and dramatic. Thin layers can help define the waves, while adding some texture to the hair at the roots. Fringe is also an option when creating waves. A fringe braid can be very elegant, or can add a sexy edge to your layered bob cut.

Another look that is popular among those with thick hair is a low fade. This is a very classic haircut that can work for both men and women. The layers start near the top and fade down toward the nape of the neck. This low fade is very simple to maintain, as all that needs done is to be brushed every day with a soft bristle brush. If the layers are too large, they can pull down on the face and become quite unsightly. A low fade can be a very attractive and timeless style, regardless of the hair type or face shape.

Many people with longer hair are opting for a short cut that ends just above the ears. This cute, sweet haircut can be worn with almost anything, including fancy evening dresses and even cropped jackets. It works well for people who have medium sized heads, as it draws attention to the eyes. This hairstyle is another simple way to bring attention to the eyes, without having to wash or iron the hair.

Those with medium hairstyles that have some waves are getting even better highlights. Instead of just choosing a regular, dull cut, many people are opting for waves that have been highlighted. Highlights can be defined with a bit of gel or hairspray, along with some simple hair brushing and hair combing. Adding some highlighter highlighting gel to the ends of the waves gives a fresh, upbeat look with a bit of class.

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