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Modern Farmhouse Bathroom

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom. Probably the hardest place to keep clean in a modern farmhouse bathroom (if there's one) are the shower stalls. After all, your shower stall is often the business section of your bathroom. It's dirty. It's damp. And grout joints in shower floors and tile walls can sometimes be dirty, shadowy and almost certainly unclean.

In order to keep your shower stalls and showers nice and clean I recommend having a modern farmhouse bathroom vanity with shower bench. A bench in your shower stall will not only help keep the floor clean, but it will help hide unsightly grout lines and provide a place to hold an extra toilet seat or basin.

Alternatively you could choose to install an independently working shower with a hand held shower head and nozzle, which provides just as much convenience as a shower tray with a built in seat. If you have a shower tray, consider whether you really need it. If you're going to install an independent hand held shower, make sure that it has a seat belt for easy cleaning.

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Having said that, my own personal opinion is that you don't really need a shower wall at all. The grout in my bathroom walls have always been a problem. My grout was always discoloured and looked far too busy for my taste. The fact that it took me almost two decades to get it right makes me reluctant to even think about touching it now.

Fortunately there are solutions to this particular problem. New modern farmhouse bathroom design ideas have recently sprung up on the internet, providing people with the opportunity to replace their old shiplap with a much more attractive modern looking shingle. You can purchase new ones in various sizes to complement your existing tile work and shower walls, and many people prefer the look of this type of shiplap over that of the original grey shiplap that was installed many years ago.

If you're not keen on changing your entire floor, you could use modern farmhouse bathroom vanity fittings to bring your old tiles up to date. If you want something cheap, try looking online as there are many companies who offer free delivery. A quick search online should reveal many websites offering great deals on such things as bathroom vanity lights and matching light fittings. Sherwin Williams fixtures are particularly popular in the bath area, and you should be able to find plenty of information online about how to care for these fittings so that they continue to look as good as the day they were installed.

If you're a little more determined to get a modern twist on your old-fashioned bathrooms, then it's worth looking into buying an authentic old-fashioned pedestal sink. These sinks look absolutely wonderful and bring a certain charm to any home, especially those that have a period-style or vintage feel to them. There are plenty of different materials to choose from, including porcelain and glass, and there are even some that have been made using components found within your home.

These sinks are available in many different designs, but you may prefer to have a pedestal sink that has a simple cutout for a bowl on top so that it doesn't look out of place among your other modern farmhouse bathroom tile ideas. This cutout is also useful if you've got a small bathroom – the shape of the pedestal sink will fit snugly into a corner without being too obvious.

Another idea that wouldn't require an actual transformation of your old bathroom is purchasing a beautiful cabinet. Cork is one material that is particularly well suited to making cabinets and there are a range of different styles available. If you already have a lovely hand carved chest of drawers then you could just buy some matching wood cabinet hardware to match.

Alternatively, it may be the natural beauty of the wood that appeals to you could go for something more modern. Cedar is becoming popular for its ability to resist bacteria, so if you're thinking of fitting a cabinet then this is an excellent choice. If you're not sure about the colour and style of wood that would look best in your room then you can always have a timber master cabinet constructed to your specifications.

Finally, perhaps the easiest change to make in your farmhouse style bathroom is to replace your old fixtures with some beautiful Victorian or Edwardian ones. You can purchase a beautiful vanity unit from a store where you would usually buy other bathroom accessories, or you could design it yourself. The most common choice would be white porcelain or cream coloured porcelain, but red or gold coloured ones are also becoming quite popular. Glass vanities can also be a great option for bathrooms as they can add a touch of elegance and class. Whatever you decide, it should be a fun and relatively inexpensive project to undertake.

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