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Onyx Shower

Onyx Shower. If you are considering getting an onyx shower, you've made a good choice. After all, onyx is one of the most beautiful natural stones around. It has a unique beauty and it's available in such a wide range of colors, that it's easy to find one to match your bathroom and decor. Plus, the pros of an onyx shower far outweigh the cons.

One of the biggest pros to onyx is the price. Onyx is a relatively inexpensive stone, which makes it a great buy for those on a budget. The pros of onyx also include it's affordability, it lasts long, and comes in an array of different finishes and colors. The cons of onyx, however, are that it's rather fragile, is high maintenance, and is easily scratched. It's important to use granite or some other strong, smooth surface to surround the shower with in order to prevent this problem.

The second biggest pros to an onyx shower surround are the look and the feel of the shower itself. As previously mentioned, onyx is one of the hardest and most beautiful stones around. This coupled with its naturally elegant qualities make onyx a popular stone for bathroom and shower walls. Because it's so heavy, onyx does require more strength than most other types of stone for a shower surround. Some granite shower walls cost as much as an onyx tub, but it's a trade off that ends up being well worth it in the end. For this reason, onyx is generally a better option for a shower surround because it's more durable and usually doesn't scratch easily.

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Another advantage of onyx is that it resists corrosion from moisture and water. Onyx is a porous stone, meaning that water evaporates quickly from its surface leaving behind the minerals that build up over time. Some tiles are more resistant to changes in water content than others. For example, granite tends to be somewhat porous, but it's still relatively hard and durable. Onyx is very difficult to stain, however. If you do decide to use onyx for a shower surround, you'll probably want to avoid any type of high-acid cleaners because the staining can be permanent.

The third big pro for onyx shower bases is the appeal. These shower pan surfaces give any bathroom a luxurious look, especially when topped off with one of the many styles of glass or acrylic frosted panels that are now available. These frosted panels work well with any decor, but there's something quite special about these shower pans that just aren't found with any other material.

There are several pros and cons associated with onyx. To start, onyx is expensive, costing anywhere from three to five times as much as ceramic tiles. That extra expense pays off though because onyx is far more durable and easy to clean. It doesn't absorb stains like many other materials, and if properly sealed with grout lines it won't need to be polished. And while the price will increase with size and more elaborate designs, the price savings will make up the difference.

Onyx is available in many different color options as well, which makes it an ideal choice for those looking for something unique. When installing in-home consultation should be your first step. Your local tile store can usually provide assistance in determining your best color options, and they can recommend a custom finish if you don't think the in-home consultation has taken care of your needs. Depending on the color choices available and your budget, there are several standard tile colors that are commonly used in showers. Ask your local tile retailer which in-home consultation options they offer in your particular color choices so you can get the most creative design possible.

The final consideration in choosing the perfect onyx tile shower is the lifetime warranty offered. While onyx is generally very resistant to wear and stain, it may experience some slight discoloration over time. To resolve this, consult your local dealer with a lifetime warranty on their products. If you choose a tile shower with a lifetime warranty, not only will you be saving money on repairs, but you'll also know that you've purchased quality products that are likely to last the test of time!

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