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Our Anniversary

Our Anniversary. Every year with our spouse comes new memories and achievements, and every year your anniversary is a perfect time to celebrate all the great things you enjoy most about him or her. If your anniversary isn't coming up soon, it's time to give your spouse some special love. Try choosing a heart-felt sentimental or personal message to recite around a candlelight dinner. Here are some great ideas for how to send a memorable card to your spouse on his or her anniversary:

What better way to start celebrating your ninth year of marriage than with a card that celebrates your dating years together? The first time you shared your kiss in the classroom, the first time you held hands in the mall, the first time you snuggled up in bed together- these were all wonderful experiences. To commemorate these years of happiness, try a nine-year old card with a blank inside where you can put the dates of your relationship.

Another idea for an anniversary card that will warm your heart is to get dressed up as a cute character and send it to your sweetheart. Who doesn't love a princess with a crown and horse? Your partner will be flattered that you remembered the importance of your role as a wife and mother, and she'll love all your effort to make her feel like a princess on your first big date. For something more romantic, maybe you can dress up as Cupid, or get dressed up as a handsome prince or princess and slip a piece of ribbon or party poppers behind your ear.

Today Is Our Anniversary

Anniversaries aren't the only times of year when people put together tokens that are meaningful to them. Some people give their loved ones tokens that are meaningful to the year they were born. What could be more meaningful than a gold earring worth a thousand dollars that your parents gave to you as a gift? Or a diamond worth a thousand dollars that was given to you as a baby? These and other gifts of value are a reason to celebrate your anniversaries.

Valentine's Day is a particularly good time of year to celebrate anniversaries with loved ones. Most people are more inclined to choose romantic destinations like restaurants and hotels to celebrate anniversaries instead of clubs and amusement parks. Some couples even choose different anniversaries to celebrate each other's birthdays and their other special days of the year. When we're together we want to be happy and we want to share the happy times with our friends and family.

A great idea for a great anniversary gift is to give each other a unique souvenir from a trip, adventure or special event of your travels. You can purchase unique t-shirts, coffee mugs, postcards, bookmarks and other things that show your unique style. One couple I know went on a cruise vacation together and they each received unique cruise ship tickets and a blanket with their names embroidered on it. They also received three different limited edition wine stoppers that are now going down the bottle in their family.

Another idea for an anniversary present could include trying to recreate a romantic trip you took with the person you adore. You could include travel journals that are filled with pictures and stories of your travels. You could include a bed and breakfast in a special place somewhere. You could include a bottle of wine as a gift and get a DVD of the trip so that each member of the couple can watch it together.

There are so many things that you could consider for gifts that you give on anniversaries. This is why it's important to start thinking about this type of gift well in advance of the date of your anniversary. This way you will have plenty of time to research and think about the best gift ideas that are appropriate to your loved one or spouse. It never hurts to spend a little extra time doing this.

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