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Place Real Estate

Place Real Estate. “Places Real Estate – Places is a leading property information company specialising in the Brisbane region. “Places is now part of Relevance Digital, a group of online businesses that are revolutionising the way realtors do business. “Places is now a complete information package that includes all the tools needed to manage properties in the region.

“Places provides an online analytical service that generates customised property listings, market research, search listings and searchable directories from more than 250 realty information sources.” Places has grown from a small online outfit to one of the most popular realty websites in Queensland.

“We provide comprehensive services with listings, search results and analysis of real-estate investments for people and businesses. “In November last year, Places launched a strategic plan which includes new marketing strategies and focus on providing better customer service to clients.

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“The company is constantly striving to enhance the services it provides while simultaneously building its digital business.” Realtor websites are a major source of information for buyers and sellers and are often visited by agents as well. For these websites, the web developer has added lots of bells and whistles such as fully comprehensive MLS listings, searchable addresses and photos and a wealth of information about various homes for sale, along with selling tips and information for home inspections.

“We provide the innovative technology to the realtor including web analytics, search engine submission, social media marketing, full-service MLS listing applications, and data feeds for realtors across the nation. We help realtors connect with buyers and sellers throughout the country through our exclusive connections,” says Place Real Estate Australia CEO John Sheridan.

“This site has definitely been able to sustain itself amidst a very competitive environment where all businesses want a share of this pie. This shows that if you really want to get ahead, you need to invest in your brand and get the most from your real estate investment. The business is here to stay.”

In the United States, realtors maintain websites for their particular market segment and make sure that the content and the look of the website are professional enough so that the visitors find it a pleasant experience. This is absolutely true for buyers who are visiting the website for the first time and can get confused with all the choices they have to make. Realtors know that a first-time visitor to the website will probably make a buy decision based on the website's content and design which is crucial because a buying decision made by an indecisive customer can mean a loss of thousands of dollars in profit!

In USA, a buyer's website designed by an inexperienced realtor is likely to generate a negative response and this is not because the realtor was not capable of creating an attractive website. On the contrary, many realtors have been hired to create such sites for their clients. Some of them specialize in web development while others are expert in creative designing.

Either way, the website must be clean, well-organized and easy to navigate and respond to the queries of the visitors. Also, it must have clear navigation links and an easily-findable home page so that the interested customers do not have to browse too deep into the website to find any information they are searching for.

An ideal realtor's website will contain the contact information of the realtor along with her e-mail address. This information should be readily available for the website visitors to check out and mails should be promptly sent after the inquiry has been made. The website owner should try to provide as much original and unique content as possible to draw the visitors and retain their attention. Apart from the contact information, the website owner should also try to add some articles with helpful information about the realtor's business and services. If the website visitor has any enquiry or problem, the best way to handle it is to give the visitor a quick and efficient answer to their queries.

In order to make a realtor's website more user friendly and searchable, it is advisable to add some small blurbs about the realtor's expertise and the services she offers on the home page. For instance, if the realtor specializes in commercial property, the website can include a brief paragraph about her professional background in the real world and the services she provides in this field. Similarly, if she handles residential properties, a short paragraph about her achievements in this field and about her specialty in this domain should be included on the home page. These short paragraphs not only make the website interesting but also add value to the information provided by the website.

In short, to place real estate business on the internet, a realtor needs to go a step ahead in order to promote her business online. It is advisable that the website owner uses social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and MySpace, in order to promote the website and make it visible to a larger audience. A good realtor's website would definitely attract potential buyers who are interested to invest in a particular real estate property.

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