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Solid Wood Dresser

Solid Wood Dresser. A solid wood dresser is minimal in design, can be a rich, colorful statement piece, or contain beautiful inlay patterns. When you re purchasing a new solid wood dresser, however, you need to ensure that it fulfills your organizational needs while also bringing the correct atmosphere to your room. With so many different types of dressers available in the marketplace today, it is sometimes hard to know where to begin. However, by keeping the following tips in mind, you will be able to narrow down your options and choose the perfect dressers for your home.

A great option for small spaces is a two-drawer horizontal dresser. These types of dressers are ideal for tight spaces because they are able to utilize the floor space for storage purposes. Additionally, a two-drawer horizontal dresser is a great option for either a master dressing area or an extra guest room. Since most two-drawer dressers will feature left or right side drawers, selecting a side drawer that is opposite the ones used for storage is also a great option. This allows you the opportunity to store clothes that may not fit into the main drawers, while adding a stylish element to the room.

If you are looking for a larger solid wood dresser but are only working with a limited amount of space, a three drawer dresser may be the perfect choice. These dressers are larger than two-drawers dressers and come in two styles, a two-drawer dresser. The two drawer solid wood dressers are great for use in a bedroom that has smaller dressers and many of the three drawer solid wood dressers will sit close to the foot of the bed for easy access. They can also be used in master bathrooms to save room for walk-in tubs or other fixtures.

12-Drawer Solid Wood Double Dresser by Daniel’s Amish – Solid Wood Dresser

Since most dressers that are made from solid wood features three drawers, finding one that can accommodate all your clothing needs can be difficult. If you need more than two drawers for storage, there are also options out there that feature trays or shelves for each drawer. A great option to have is a hinged dresser that has a sliding track allowing more space on top for hanging dresses. This allows for more than two dressers to be stored in a small area without having to sacrifice much needed space for other pieces of furniture.

If you find that the solid wood dresser you are considering does not offer much in terms of storage, it may be time to consider a finish. Finishes come in a variety of styles, colors, and stains that allow them to be a more customized look. For those who wish to add an entirely new look to their dressers, the popular polyurethane finish is the best choice. These finishes provide a mirror like effect while giving a rich shine. Another popular option is to use a brass plaque finish, which gives off the feel of wooden furniture and also can create a nice visual effect.

While solid wood dressers do make a statement about style, they are usually quite expensive. In addition, solid wood dressers are typically limited in terms of color available and the variety of styles and stains. The good news is that there are options that will help you save money on both quality and options. One option that can help you to save money is to buy dressers with accessories.

Accessories are generally considered to be any additional decor that is added to a piece of furniture in order to make it look better. Accessories can range from different shaped pieces of glass to key rings to shoe racks. Some people even consider accessories to be dressers in and of themselves. One of the best places to find accessories is on the Internet. There you will find several websites that offer solid wood dresser accessories at discount prices.

While most solid wood dresser websites offer great discounts on their dressers, some may also offer discounts on accessories as well. Keep in mind that accessories may not be able to be included free with the purchase of a dresser. However, many online retailers have exclusive partnerships with reputable manufacturers such as Mayline, SoHo, Walnut Creek, American Woodmark and Fanimation among others. When you combine this with the ability to browse multiple websites for great deals on your next dresser purchase, the savings can become significant.

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