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Noir Wallpaper #3


As I promise before about Tokyo, one thing that interest me, and I also a mother. Let me tell you a story about motherhood in Japan.

Tokyo is one of expensive city in the world. If family having a children and the mother is working mom, the kid will be put on the daycare while momma is working. The cost of the daycare is very expensive, so momma will quit job and take care of the kid by herself.

Including take the kid to the school and pick them up. Car or taxi is another expensive things as well. So, the famous way to do commuting stuff is with bicycle popular with named "mamachari".

In Tokyo you can easily find mamachari park in the streets or momma riding in with their kid in the back of bicycle. Such a warming heart picture.

Different with London bicycle style, Japan one is dominant with pastel color, much more feminine side.
I love the concept of momma and kids riding like this. Beside reduce the air pollution, they also cute as well.

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