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Noir Wallpaper Aesthetic #1


It's been a while since I haven't post something here since I was busy with my personal life and etcera.

Mianhae, but from now on I will make something more personal and I decided to post picture from my personal album and from my own camera.

I'll try to tell the story behind every picture, hopefully all of you can enter my points of view and my thoughts. It's even some random building, object or abstract.

So, here goes with picture no.1

a home in Asakusa Alley, Tokyo Japan, circa 2019. Such a simple and serene traditional Japanese home with mini garden ensemble. The Japanese alley always attract me to take a picture. It has a soul that calling you to stop by. Will be back someday.

#noirwallpaper #aestheticwallpaper #asakusa #tokyo #japan