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6 Things Nobody Told You About Carla Negron

Abstract Expressionism art in Puerto Rico has been well represented throughout the past 4 decades, particularly by Puerto Rican, had Olga Albizu 30 years ago, but nowadays there's a young up and coming artist named Carla Negron who is giving Puerto Rico a whole new exciting style which hasn't been introduced yet. She has made her mark on the art world with her beautiful paintings that have become famous all over the world and have become her trademark, which she has been described as a “literary painting”. These pictures have won numerous awards at various exhibitions, including the Turner Prize. One of her more striking works is entitled Night Sky, and this is from her recent series which she did for the San Juan Puerto Rico Museum of Art. Here are some of her other most impressive pieces.

This is a breathtaking watercolor painting of a large skyscraper that takes you right into the middle of the city of puerto rico. It gives you a feeling that you have landed in the Middle East, or maybe even in China. It shows something mysterious about the people of these places, something almost mystical about their ways of communicating and the architecture they possess. In the midst of the skyscrapers, something mystical happens when you look closer.

This is what many people would probably mistake for a painting done by a blind person, or something even worse. What you need to know about Olga Albizu (who is Spanish by the way) is that she uses her fine motor skills to put colors together in order to create this beautiful masterpiece. It is really something incredible. When I found this piece, I was expecting something extraordinary, but it turns out that this particular work is just another one of her excellent paintings that you will have to look at in order to completely understand what she is able to do with her brush.

This is the second part of a two part series about Olga Albizu and her paintings. In the first part, we learned that she studied art in her native Spain, and then worked as an art consultant and translator for several corporations in her home country. We also learned that she spent four years living in Costa Rica, studying the women artists who were deeply involved with the country's history. This is part one of our series on the life and works of Olga Albizu.

Now, let's get back to our subject, and that subject is color. This is something complicated for me to understand, because I don't like looking at pictures as much as I used to. I like art that makes me think. This is why I wasn't so taken with “Rubens”. The colors just did not impress me. However, as the piece by Olga showed through, she did have talent, and this is something that I appreciate.

One of my favorite images from Olga's painting is the woman in the back. We have all seen the beautiful models that are paraded down runways, looking their best. We have also all seen the runways that are attended by models who are too old for modeling. Here, we get a view of life through the eyes of a real model.

In this painting, Olga has given us a view that is more humble, as well. This is a woman who is confident about her beauty, and her body, even in her old age. We can see this in her dress, and also in her presence. Carla Negron understands women artists, even after all these years.

What she has done is express without exaggerating, and she did it in such a way that it looks as if she has actually lived these events. She brings a humanity to what might otherwise have been just another picture. The art is still appreciated today, because of its honesty. It is certainly a remarkable work.

Carla Negron Saatchi Art – Carla Negron | Carla Negron

Carla Negron Saatchi Art – Carla Negron | Carla Negron