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If you are considering a career in art history, you have several options available to you. A degree in art history gives you the opportunity to either teach or conduct research in the field. The most popular type of art history course is one that focuses on Western art. However, if you would like to have a more varied career, it is possible to get a bachelor's or master's degree in any area of art history, not just Western art.

A master's degree is required for people wanting to teach art history, as well as those wishing to conduct extensive research into the history of art. Most colleges require at least a bachelor's degree before they will consider you for a teaching position. For a student looking to get into the academic world of art history, an advanced degree in this field is usually required. You can obtain your bachelor's degree in art history through an online school, a traditional campus based institution, or a university.

There are a few different career paths to choose from when you receive your bachelor's degree. One option is to teach art history at a four-year university or college. You can teach either the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Art History. A student can also choose between programs in art history that focus on a specific era or region of the world. These programs can be completed in about two years.

You may also want to study art history at an art school rather than a four-year institution. Many universities have art schools that offer both Bachelor of Arts degrees and Master of Arts degrees. Students take courses such as Introduction to Art History, Human Dimensions of Art, Visual Culture, Visual Communication, and Visual Theoretics. After completing these courses, students are expected to submit a thesis, participate in internship, and attend a final exam to graduate.

The University of Michigan has a minor in Art History. Students who complete this program will have a solid background in the field. Students learn about historic and contemporary art from an introductory course that involves learning about the different disciplines of art history, including design and visual culture. Students gain a thorough knowledge of the history of art through reading texts on the history of art, ancient art, and impressionism. This program prepares students for future careers in teaching, museum studies, and architecture.

At Western University, students can pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Art History. This program focuses on a large variety of art history topics, focusing on a chronological approach to art education. Students learn about historical periods such as the Pre-Raphaelites, the British art world during the Golden Age of the Eighteenth century, and art movements throughout Europe in the late Renaissance. These can include art from all over Europe as well as the Middle East and Asia. Students will also receive a comprehensive overview of European art history.

For those interested in a more specialized degree in art history, a Bachelor of Science in Art History is an option. This program focuses on a more academic program with a heavier focus on research. Students take classes in the arts and related fields, as well as specific assignments based on their area of concentration. The Bachelor of Science in Art History degree can be completed in two years, though some do receive a shorter program in their first year of study. Those who complete this program are awarded a Bachelor of Arts in General Studies, making them eligible for careers in museum studies, educational counseling, or art writing.

Students can complete their Master of Art History in less time than some think. There are actually programs available now that allow for an art history degree to be finished in as little as 18 months. The requirements for a Master of Art History are very strict, however, due to the nature of this degree and the number of requirements that must be met. Most Master of Art History programs require students to have already completed a Bachelor's degree and at least three years of art history experience under their belt before they can enroll. The curriculum consists of learning how the history of art progressed through time, analyzing the role artists and other individuals have played in the evolution of the art form, and broadening your breadth of knowledge by learning about different periods and Styles.

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