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The Reasons Why We Love Chuck Gumpert

The late Chuck Gumpert was one of the most successful painters of the American twentieth century. He was a master illustrator, painter and designer who produced works in a wide range of styles and genres. He produced work in every medium from pencils and watercolors to oil and acrylic paints. He worked with his usual heavy brush strokes and often included water colors to enhance his paintings. His was a style that called for a lot of color, and the bright colors were often very vivid. He was a true master of modern mixed media.

Chuck Gumpert's life has been an intriguing one. He is best known for being the subject of the book and movie, Big Fish. His career was also interesting in that he was married three times and had four children. He is a very private person who avoided the spotlight as much as possible and when it came to his paintings, he kept to his own personal style and created his unique figurative paintings.

The most famous of his many bold abstract works are his renditions of life-size florals at the San Francisco airport. These were actually his last creations before he moved to Los Angeles and began his career in Hollywood. He spent much of his early years living in San Francisco. He worked as a printer and a photographer before finally deciding to pursue his love of art. In this time he did create some of his most striking and memorable images.

Among his more famous paintings, perhaps his most well-known pieces are nine paintings he completed between the ages of twenty five and twenty eight. These included The Night Safari, Spring, Summer, Landscape with Figures, Sun, Sea, Sand, Trees and Mountain, The Stars, The Dance, Spring, Trees, The Beach and Wildflowers. These were all created between the years of 1948 and 1957. Each was executed as a single piece. His style is one of bold abstractness with a beautiful use of color.

In the summer of 1958 Chuck Gumpert was selected as a member of the National Cartoonists Society and invited to a two person show that showcased his artwork. This was a wonderful opportunity for him to display his work in the public eye and to display his bolder style which he had been refining since he was a teenager. He was so excited to be going to this show that he did not want to leave his house until he was seated at the very front row. The crowd consisted of his friends and colleagues from the earlier art school that he had attended as a child.

When Chuck started to paint these wonderful paintings the first thing he wanted to do was to tell a personal narrative about each. His goal was not to create a “picture postcard” type of a work. He wanted to share what he felt about the subjects of his paintings. He told stories about people who were important to him such as his mother or his brother who had died. No matter how you look at it is undeniable that Chuck gumpert has created some of the most famous paintings in the history of American art.

What is most interesting about Chuck's paintings is that he never paints something that someone else has done. He does not use stock techniques or an over the top palette. His style and technique flows through the whole painting from his brush to the colors that he chooses to apply. To anyone looking at a Chuck Gumpert painting there is no doubt that this is a real person, an actual person with a real story. There is something powerful and deeply personal about Chuck's paintings because whatever flows through the art to him, whatever flows through the unconscious mind to him, comes out as a story.

One particular piece in the ” Dragonfire Gallery Cannock Beach” series shows Chuck Gumpert at work at what appears to be the end of the world. It takes some time for him to finish this masterpiece. But the wait is worth it because once you are there you cannot escape the beauty that comes with a true artist such as Chuck Gumpert. It is almost impossible to ignore what the master painter has achieved here and this is the kind of beauty that will stay with you forever. This piece was originally displayed in the Wa Group Showroom in London, but has now been moved to the private gallery in your own town.

The “Dragonfire Gallery Cannon Beach” is on view at the portland art gallery in Portland for the coming months. The first showings are scheduled for mid march through may, 2021. A special preview launch is planned for the super storm on April 8th. For more information go to “DTW Portland”. There is also the “Gig Harbor Art Association” at the portland art gallery, Cannon Beach, which is the coordinating group for the Portland area art scene.

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