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Watercolor Landscape Paintings For Beginners

Watercolor Landscape paintings by acclaimed artist Frank Pietro are some of the most exquisite work done in the history of art. Many of the artists who influenced him have become renowned watercolor artists of their own right. Frank Pietro's “Watercolors” have sold millions and have been displayed frequently in galleries and museums around the world. They have inspired artists as varied as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Pollock, MoMA Gallery in New York City, and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

“Watercolor Landscape Paintings,” a complete series, is the result of more than twenty years of experience, research, and development. Most art instruction books are too broad for even the most experienced beginner. However each volume of The DK Art School provides the necessary information required to produce a delightful personal work of art. The easy to follow directions guide the student from conception to creation, from rough drawing to final painting. “They are easy to read and understand and give perfect results.” –The New York Times

“I have been an admirer of Frank Pietro's watercolor landscapes since he purchased them many years ago. His style is fresh, lively, and innovative. He has a clear command of color combination and technique. I have also discovered that his paintings, even when based on simple scenes, are unusually good-looking. There is a beauty to them that is hard to describe, except to say that they make you feel as if you have left your home. It is as if the painted world has somehow magically captured the essence of the real world.” –The Wall Street Journal

Frank Pietro's watercolor paintings are beautiful and inspiring. They are valuable gifts for your home, given to friends, or displayed in your office. In addition to their value, they are exciting and stimulating to view. Frank's paintings are charming and motivate people to want to learn more about watercolor landscapes. It is no wonder that these beautiful works are highly sought after.

Many people learn to appreciate watercolor painting only after they own one of their own. Some people are drawn to the colors and the soothing effect of using the paint. Others find the look of the painted world inspiring and want to become artists themselves. Watercolor has come a long way from the days of just being a hobby. These days' watercolor paintings can be purchased in any medium, form, or fashion. This includes wrapping them up in Christmas presents, adding glitter to make them glitter, or displaying them proudly in one's office.

A good watercolor painting should be framed or hung on the wall with a reference photo on top. A good reference photo should not show more than the lower third of an image. A popular reference photo for most landscape paintings is a photo taken by someone other than the artist, usually the homeowner or business owner. The homeowner or business owner may wish to have a professional landscape photographer take the picture so that the colors will be as authentic as possible.

Another important aspect of making a great watercolor painting is choosing the right landscape tools. When you purchase paint, brushes, and other supplies, choose items that have realistic tones. Look for quality materials, including brush oils, that will not make the painting brittle. Choose paints with a high gloss finish, which will help to reflect light and add depth to the painted landscape. Most importantly, when using acrylic paints, always apply with a brush.

Watercolor painting has been around for many years and is currently one of the most popular forms of modern art. There are many techniques and tips to make your landscape paintings look their best. You can start by choosing simple paintings that you like and then enhance it by adding textures and enhancing colors. To make the best watercolor paintings, however, you must learn how to apply them correctly.

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